Speaker Series (February 2019): Gutta percha, natural rubber and balata - research of natural latex in the context of cultural heritage artifacts

Date : Friday, 15 February 2019

Time : 4pm - 5pm

Venue : Function Hall, Level 1 of Botany Centre (Tanglin Gate)


For the month of February, we are pleased to have with us Dr Hanna Szczepanowska, Senior Conservation Scientist at the National Heritage Board of Singapore. Dr Szczepanowska will share with us her research work aimed at establishing microanalytical markers in gutta percha, natural rubber and balata that can guide their identification in cultural heritage collections.

Join us on 15 February 2019 (Friday) at Function Hall of Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Botany Centre, to find out more!

Session is free-seating thus no advance registration is required.

 SBG Speaker Series (Feb 2019) SBG webpage 

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