The ethnobotany of the jackfruit tree family

Discover the many uses of the jackfruit tree and its relatives. The jackfruit (nangka, in Malay) is the world’s largest tree-fruit. Large ones in Singapore markets can weigh more than 50 kg!

This fruit is thought to have originated from Southern India but is now planted throughout the tropics. The English name of the fruit, “jack”, is derived from the Portuguese, “jacca” which is in turn derived from the Malayalam (a Southern Indian language) “chakka”. It is thought that this fruit was brought from India to South-East Asia in the 6th century CE. However, it would come to the surprise to many that there are other relatives of the jackfruit that are useful to man as a source of food, material, medicine and other uses, and that many of these are indigenous to Singapore and this region. 


Venue: Level 2, Centre for Ethnobotany (Ethnobotany Garden)

Nearest gate is Bukit Timah Gate (Botanic Gardens MRT)


Daily: 9 am – 6 pm

(Closed every last Wednesday of the Month)

Admission: Free entry


Jackfruits in Singapore

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