People & Nature

In our City in a Garden, greenery co-exists in harmony with daily life – be it at home, work or play. Our idyllic green spaces are designed to cater to a wide range of lifestyle needs. Whether for leisure, nature appreciation, sports, gatherings with friends and family, or simply a quiet evening stroll, your experience with nature can be special every time.

Let your photos tell us how people connect with nature and how relationships are built through nature.

Your photos could depict:

  • Activities in our parks, such as community gatherings, family outings, and sports

  • Scenes and happenings in our park connectors and green corridors, such as community activities and park landscapes

  • A quiet moment with nature


Sub-theme: Fort Canning Park

Once known as “The Forbidden Hill”, Fort Canning Park was believed to be part of the Malay ruler’s palace grounds in the 14th century. It was also where Sir Stamford Raffles built his first home and established Singapore’s first botanical and experimental garden in the early 19th century.

Come explore the artefacts and monuments from the past, enjoy an outdoor picnic, dine in one of the cosy restaurants or participate in various activities and tours at one of Singapore’s oldest heritage parks.

Your photos could capture people:

  • Enjoying lifestyle choices, including recreational and dining activities

  • Appreciating the natural/historical heritage of the park

  • Admiring the lush greenery, heritage trees and artworks in the park


To submit photos for this sub-theme, choose sub-theme 2A: Fort Canning Park (People and Nature) in the submission form.

Closing date for submissions to Theme 2 and Sub-Theme 2A is 24 May 2017, 12 noon sharp.