Sub-theme: Fort Canning Park (People and Nature)

Fort Canning Park – Revisiting History, Embracing Nature

Once known as “The Forbidden Hill”, Fort Canning Park was believed to be the seat of royalty for the Malay kingdom of Temasek in the 14th Century. It was also where Sir Stamford Raffles built his first residence and established Singapores first botanical and experimental garden in the early 19th century.

Today, you can explore the artefacts and monuments from the past, have an outdoor picnic, dine in one of the several cosy restaurants, take a stroll and admire sculptures, or paint amidst the lush surroundings. You can also participate in the many activities and tours the park has to offer at one of Singapore’s oldest heritage parks.

Your photos could capture people:

  •  Enjoying recreational and dining activities
  • Appreciating the natural/historical heritage of the park
  • Admiring the lush greenery, heritage trees and artwork in the park


Prizes to be Won (worth $1,200)

1st Prize (Estimated Value at $700) 


Relish in contemporary comfort, have a relaxing soak in the deep bath tub, or indulge in complimentary wines and canapes in the Private Lounge at Aperitif Hour from the city’s most coveted postal code.  

  • 3-hour Art Workshop/Jamming For Two at My Art Space (worth $120) at Istana Park 



Located at the heart of the city, My Art Space redefines art and lifestyles. This introductory workshop equips you with comprehensive knowledge on painting materials and equipment, sic techniques and drawing, through demonstration and step-by-step guidance.    

2nd Prize (Estimated Value at $400)

  • Fine Dining Dinner For Two at Lewin Terrace (worth $280) at Fort Canning Park 


Specialising in both Japanese and French culinary techniques, Lewin Terrace’s romantic setting is suitable for various occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, or memorable celebrations with loved ones.


  • Still Life Painting Workshop For Two at Visual Arts Centre (worth $120) at Dhoby Ghaut Green 


Situated above Dhoby Ghaut MRT, Visual Arts Centre is an Exhibition Gallery and Studio offering free admission art exhibitions and affordable professional art courses. Win a still life painting workshop to equip yourself with techniques of Acrylic painting.

3rd Prize (Estimated Value at $200)

  • Brunch For Four at The Fabulous Baker Boy (worth $100) at Fort Canning Park, Foothills (Opposite Liang Court)


The Fabulous Baker Boy café serves wholesome and hearty fare, such as freshly made pastas, cakes, cottage pies, homemade soups, sandwiches and fresh salads. All day brunch includes waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict and pre-ordered Sunday Roasts. 

  • A Story of Strategy and Surrender ™ - The Battlebox Tour For Four at Battlebox (worth $75) at Fort Canning Park


The Battlebox was an underground command centre in Fort Canning Hill, part of the headquarters of Malaya Command, the army which defended Singapore in WWII. It was inside the Battlebox that the momentous decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942 was made.


Dine in Nature. Explore WWII History. Enjoy a Staycation in Style

There are various interesting F&B options and recreational activities at Fort Canning Park – explore a historical WWII site, enjoy a staycation in style, participate in workshops, and so much more!

Click here to view lifestyle options available in Fort Canning Park.


Do-It-Yourself  Walking Trail Guides

Ancient History Trail

Uncover the stories of royalty who lived in ancient Singapore during pre-colonial times, unearthed through archaeological excavations inside Fort Canning Park. Take a peek into the activities on the hill during the 1300s.  

Colonial History Trail

Experience Singapore’s colonial period through some of the park’s historical sites and monuments.

Trees of the Fort Trail

Marvel at the magnificence of natural heritage within Fort Canning Park and be immersed in the beauty of the greenery surrounding you. Come learn more about the trees of Fort Canning, including our Heritage Trees.


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