Sub-theme: Marine Biodiversity (Our BiodiverCity)

Connected to both the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, Singapore’s waters host a rich diversity of marine life. Visit our beaches during low tide or join a local dive trip, and you would find a dazzling variety of marine species in our waters.

Uncover the marine life found in our own waters through your lens!

Your photos could depict:

  • Flora and fauna found in marine habitats (e.g. mangrove, seagrass, coral reef)
  • Underwater scenes at intertidal areas or during snorkelling/diving (strictly no aquarium settings allowed)


To submit photos for this sub-theme, choose the sub-theme 3A: Marine Biodiversity (Our BiodiverCity) in the submission form.

Closing date for submissions to Sub-Theme 3A is 23 Aug 2017, 12 noon sharp.



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