2015 Winners

Overall Best

Theme 4 First Prize Winner

Lawrence Chia Boon Oo – ‘The crow and the owl

Give me a ride.


Theme 1: SBG – Celebrating our Heritage

First Prize Winner
Kwan Sai Hoe – ‘Tanglin Gate at Singapore Botanic Gardens’
Mr Kwan Sai Hoe – ‘Tanglin Gate at Singapore Botanic Gardens’

A beautiful shadow reflected onto the pavement by the morning light highlights the intricate and meandering floral design of the iconic iron gate.
 Second Prize Winner
Ma Siyuan – ‘Flight’
Mr Ma Siyuan – ‘Flight’ 

The enduring heritage serves as a strong foundation, 
raising future generations to higher ground 
and enabling them to take flight together.
Third Prize Winner
Choo Mui Eng – ‘Blue on Green’
Choo Mui Eng – ‘Blue on Green’ 

As darkness descends upon the Singapore Botanic Gardens,
a surreal web of cobalt blue spreads to envelope the 
cascading green ferns.
Merit Winners
 Yenny – “Reach for the Sky”
Yenny – “Reach for the Sky”

What better way to spend a fabulous morning than to enjoy great company while staying in shape amid the luxuriant greenery of the Singapore Botanic Gardens? We should embrace each day with open arms.
Koh Meng Hua – “A refraction of Vanda Miss Joaquim”
Koh Meng Hua – “A refraction of Vanda Miss Joaquim”

An image of Singapore’s National Flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, is refracted in the dewdrop photographed at the National Orchid Garden. 
 Ng Mui Choon – “Hello”
Mr Ng Mui Choon – “Hello”

Love at first sight.
Chua Khai Yang – “Everyone has a spot to shine”
Chua Khai Yang – “Everyone has a spot to shine”
The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage is more than a piece of architecture: an artist who performs day and night in the heart of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. 
Tan Sze Wei – “The Perfect Storm”
Tan Sze Wei – “The Perfect Storm”

Every storm has its golden moment. 
Ho Weng Seng – “Mother Nature”
Ho Weng Seng – “Mother Nature”

The joy of a mother lifting up her baby depicts the celebration of life. Framed between the sky and greenery, the sculpture embodies a much deeper meaning – the mother of life, the mother of nature. 
 Ng Han Boon – “I can reach it”
Ng Han Boon – “I can reach it”

Swan Lake, a heritage landmark of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, relates many musical stories. It not only plays songs of the past, but also composes melodies for the future generation.
Huang Zhao Ren– “Garden Kiss”
Huang Zhao Ren – “Garden Kiss”

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a popular spot for everyone to celebrate life’s joyful moments. Happiness and nature surrounds a wedding couple who share a loving kiss amid the lush and tranquil greenery of the beautiful Gardens. 


Theme 2: Trees, Forests and Parks

 First Prize Winner
David Wirawan– ‘Choa Chu Kang View’
David Wirawan – ‘Choa Chu Kang View’

An enchanting view created from the morning mist in Choa Chu Kang.
 Second Prize Winner
Ng Guan Shyh– ‘Singapore Heartland’
Ng Guan Shyh – ‘Singapore Heartland’

Singapore is surrounded by green spaces such as gardens,
parks and nature reserves. Besides beautifying the city, 
the greenery also brings about many benefits for its people.
 Third Prize Winner

Goh Teck Leong– ‘Bishan in the morning’
Goh Teck Leong – ‘Bishan in the morning’

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park ─ Nature’s combination of streams,
trees and plants.

 Merit Winners
 Chan Sing Seng– ‘Greatest light of nature’
Chan Sing Seng – ‘Greatest light of nature’ 

A captivating scene with the moon reflecting light from 
the sun; its rays symbolises the giving of hope and 
happiness to the despair. The lighting up of the boat 
reflects the harmonious mood of calmness and peace.
Tan Chee Hiang – ‘Family Tree’
Tan Chee Hiang – ‘Family Tree’

Standing stoic and proud in the middle, the little tree appears to be the child among the three. Flanked on both sides, Mum and Dad seem to be watching the little tree with love and protectiveness. 
 Terryl Villablanca Eugenio– ‘Nature's Eye’
Terryl Villablanca Eugenio – ‘Nature's Eye’

This image was taken at the end of a pedestrian tunnel leading to Fort Canning Park. The perspective is like an eye giving a foretaste of the lush greenery and the rich heritage that you will see at the park.
Hong Yew Kwong– ‘Tree In Our Living Area
Hong Yew Kwong – ‘Tree In Our Living Area

We are living in a concrete jungle. But with trees around us, our minds can be calm and relaxed. 
Desmond Chin Khee Wei– ‘Burning Sky’
Desmond Chin Khee Wei – ‘Burning Sky’

It was a cloudy morning and everyone started packing their cameras. All of a sudden, the sky turned red, like a fire spreading across rapidly. This may be a great sunrise after all.
Koh Meng Hua Lester– ‘Between the Palm Leaves’
Koh Meng Hua Lester – ‘Between the Palm Leaves’

Using the huge palm leaves to frame the majestic Rain Trees, this image was taken near the Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre.
Goh Swee Hoon– ‘The Chair’
Goh Swee Hoon – ‘The Chair’

Chairs and benches are strategically located within parks and gardens for tired legs after a long walk or simply for one to relax and enjoy the tranquillity amid the lush greenery.
Tan Kim Lay– ‘Life Goes On’
Tan Kim Lay – ‘Life Goes On’

Happiness is spotting the lone tree; 
happiness is jumping with joy;
happiness is being able to look at the tree through my own eyes.


Theme 3: People & Nature

 First Prize Winner
Albert Tan Chee Hiang – 'Run! Baby Run!'
Albert Tan Chee Hiang – ‘Run! Baby Run!'

This was taken at the Kite Festival held at Marina Boulevard. Children were playing with the giant kite happily.
 Second Prize Winner

Danny Kwan – ‘Chek Java’ 

Exploring the largest natural intertidal flats at Chek Jawa. Located on the north eastern tip of Pulau Ubin, Singapore.
 Third Prize Winner

Lee Poh Heng – ‘A Garden in the Garde’ 

A garden in every bubble.

 Merit Winners
Ong Yi Chao– ‘Bonding with Nature’ 

Spending a fruitful morning at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a great way to experience the wonders of nature. It is indeed a joy to be surrounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Mr Koh Meng Hua – ‘Charge’

Participants of Lion’s Dash charge bravely through Tampines Bike Trail’s natural water logged obstacle. 
Davin Wirawan – ‘Introducing Nature’

Introducing nature to my little son, to let him experience the sunset and feel the plantation.

Chen Wen Yun– ‘Nature Walk with Pet Dog’

A spontaneous moment between owner and pet dog at Kent Ridge Boardwalk.

Wong Heng Meng – ‘Golden Hour’

This photo was taken during an evening at Lower Pierce Reservoir Park, while setting up my camera equipment gear and getting ready to shoot. I saw this elderly couple walk across a little bridge, waited till they reached the end of the bridge and  faced the camera before pressing the shutter.

Guo Changming – ‘Enchanting Lights in the Park’

Since 1930, people have been gathering at Singapore Botanic Garden's Bandstand to share their love for friends, for family and for nature. They smile, laugh and watch the mysterious quiet light, surrounded by the illuminated embrace of the yellow rain trees.

Ng Chrong Meng – ‘Mother's Nature’

Her smile makes me smile. Her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true. Above all, I love that she is my daughter.

Sulton Yohana – ‘Hello, My Friend’

My son was playing on the bench when a macaque came by and sat on the bench with him. I thought that was a very nice image of man and animal living in harmony in the natural habitat.


Theme 4: Our BiodiverCity

 First Prize Winner

Lawrence Chia Boon Oo – ‘The crow and the owl

Give me a ride.
 Second Prize Winner

Albert Tan Chee Hiang - 'Seaman'

The dragonfly resting on a floating leaf. This was taken at the Singapore Zoo.
 Third Prize Winner

Tan Kim Tee Patrick - 'Yellow Bittern - Hunting'

During a visit to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve one morning, I was told that there was a new visitor (Von Schrenk’s Bittern) at the Waterlily Pond. 
I set up my gear, and while waiting for the new visitor to appear, a Yellow Bittern flew down and walked slowly on top of the leaves to hunt for fish.
I focused my camera at this Yellow Bittern. Suddenly, a dragonfly landed right on top of its bill. I quickly triggered my camera to capture the action.

 Merit Winners
Anthony Quek San Huat - 'Love under Nature's Umbrellas' 

This pair of eye-catching mushrooms resembles umbrellas. They were growing on a dead twig at Chestnut Avenue. While I was photographing them, a pair of stilt-legged flies came along to enjoy their intimate moments under the comfort of nature's umbrellas.

Kwan Sai Hoe - 'Honey Bee'

A bee flies to thousands of flowers only to make a spoon of honey. Scientifically known as Apis mellifera, which means "honey-carrying bee", these insects are environmentally friendly and are vital as pollinators.
Sebastian Marcin Gil - 'With grace'

The Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) is the smallest bittern species in Singapore. It is only 30-40 cm long and weighs about 54 g. Being so lightweight, it can step on the floating leaves gracefully.

Ng Mui Choon - 'Tern with chicks'

Food is here!

Ooi Bok Kooi  - 'Team Work, building a home'

Ants have great work ethics and team work. They sacrifice their entire lives protecting their colony.

Lim Sheau Torng - 'Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala) 赤胸拟啄木鸟'

“No more food, naughty boy. Time to explore the world!” An adult bird is seen urging the juvenile to fledge. It forcing its young to come out of the nesting hole by refusing to provide food.

Sawant Abhishek Ramesh - 'A Flock of Common Redshanks at SungeiBuloh Wetland Reserve'

Nestled within biodiversity-rich, serene north western coast of Singapore, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve represents the "ASEAN Heritage Resort" for migratory birds. Migratory Eurasian waders like this flock of Common Redshanks,  portrays the virtue of discipline, picked up during their transition period, tells the 'Story of Biodiversity'.

Han Xuan Yan - 'Beauty and the beast'

Kingfishers are usually pretty and colourful while herons appear big and clumsy. Since I managed to capture both in a shot, I decided to name it ‘Beauty and the Beast’.




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