2019 Winners

Overall Best

Parents Dilemma
Theme 3 Third Prize Winner

Seah Jun Wei Benjamin - "Parents Dilemma"


Theme 1: People and Nature

First Prize Winner
Sunday Leisure
Ang Thiam Hoe – "Sunday Leisure"

Second Prize Winner
Bird Watching
Liew Tong Leng – "Bird Watching"  
Third Prize Winner
Evening Exercise
Ong Yi Chao – "Evening Exercise"
Merit Winners
Father and Son Walk by the Seaside During a Warm Sunset
Chan Wai Meng – “Father and Son Walk by the Seaside During a Warm Sunset”  
Climbing Tree is So Fun
Wong Chek Poh – "Climbing Tree is So Fun"
Steven Liew Seng Leo – “Shaded”
Morning Jog
Hang Loo Ming – “Morning Jog”

Ahmad Iskandar Bin Abdullah – “Togetherness"  
Young Boy Fishing by the Reservoir
Chen Wen Yun – "Young Boy Fishing by the Reservoir”
Under the Clouds
Choon Htoo Han – “Under the Clouds”
Wong Wing Hoe – “Coexist”  


Theme 1: People and Nature (Youth)

First Prize Winner
Outgoing Generations
Anderson Wong – "Outgoing Generations"

Second Prize Winner
An Intriguing Find
Ng Wei Jin – "An Intriguing Find"  
Third Prize Winner
Reliving Childhood Memories
Ang Cheng Ting – "Reliving Childhood Memories" 
Merit Winners
Khairul Arifin Bin Mohamad Nasir – “Admiration”  
Kuek Tze Yin Joshua – "Bubbles"  
Nothing We Can't Handle
Dennis Lum – “Nothing We Can't Handle”
A Family Watching a Scene
Tan Zhi Hao – “A Family Watching a Scene”
Seek Yong Jun Kieren – “Raindrops"  
Time Tunnel
Tee Shu Zie – "Time Tunnel”


Theme 2: Heritage in our Parks and Gardens

First Prize Winner
Wedding at World Heritage Site
Yeaw Choon Wee – "Wedding at World Heritage Site"
Second Prize Winner
7-Storey Pagoda
Kwan Sai Hoe – "7-Storey Pagoda"
Third Prize Winner
Heritage Pavilion
Ong Yi Chao – "Heritage Pavilion"
 Merit Winners
Spectacular night
Li Mengguo – "Spectacular night"
The Heritage Around Me
Mohd Yusof Bin Noor – “The Heritage Around Me”  
Nature is just step away from our home
David Hong Yew Kwong – “Nature is just step away from our home”
Enclosure for a Swing
Koh Meng Hua – “Enclosure for a Swing”  
Rocket of Lower Pierce Reservoir
Wong Wing Hoe – “Rocket of Lower Pierce Reservoir”   
Jolly Good Time at SBG
Serena Ban Yee Lin – “Jolly Good Time at SBG”  
Heritage in bloom
Hang Loo Ming – “Heritage in bloom”  
Chit Chat
Steven Liew Seng Leong – “Chit Chat”  


Theme 2: Heritage in our Parks and Gardens (Youth)

First Prize Winner
Through the Looking Glass
Dalwin Khor You Qi – "Through the Looking Glass"
 Merit Winners
Bridge Chinese Gardens
Janson Lim Jin Xuan – "Bridge Chinese Gardens"
The Pathway Chinese Garden
Darshini Ram – “The Pathway Chinese Garden”  

Tee Shi Zie – “Time Tunnel Bukit Timah Rail Corridor”
Reflection of Heritage
Koh Yin Jie – “Reflection of Heritage”
Inline with Sculpture
Sulastri Binte Subari – “Inline with Sculpture”   
Night Sky Pagoda
Sriram Ravisankar Padma – “Night Sky Pagoda”  
Heritage Tree at Botanic Gardens
Travis Jake Khoo – “Heritage Tree at Botanic Gardens”  
Mysterious History
E Syaakirah Mahmudah Bte Faisal – “Mysterious History”  


Theme 3: Our BiodiverCity

First Prize Winner
Otters in the city
Tong Tran Son - "Otters in the city"
Second Prize Winner
Early Morning Mullet Run
Hoe Cheng Siong Hilary - "Early Morning Mullet Run"
Third Prize Winner
Parents Dilemma
Seah Jun Wei Benjamin - "Parents Dilemma"
 Commendation Winners
Love is in the Air
Liew Tong Leng - "Love is in the Air"
Moment of Delight
Chan Yoke Meng - "Moment of Delight"
 Merit Winners
Catch of The Day
Howard Yap - "Catch of The Day"
Little 'Candles
Koh Meng Hua Lester - "Little "Candles" of Nature"
I will show you who's the Boss!
Lim Sheau Torng - "I will show you who's the Boss!"
The Hard Feast
Ng Teong Lin - "The Hard Feast"
Green Sexy Curvy
Pang Saw Keong - "Green Sexy Curvy"
Merit - Quek San Huat
Quek San Huat - "Mating Competition"
Our Territory
Tan Kim Tee Patrick - "Our Territory"
Glowing in the Dark
Wu Teng Guo - "Glowing in the Dark"


Theme 3: Our BiodiverCity (Youth)

First Prize Winner
The crimson king
Law Ingg Thong - "The crimson king"
Second Prize Winner
In the Limelight
Toh Wei Yang - "In the Limelight"
Third Prize Winner
The Cruelty of Food Chain
Connie Jiam - "The Cruelty of Food Chain"
 Merit Winners
Nowhere to be Green (Seen)
Angela Chan An Qi - "Nowhere to be Green (Seen)"
The Big and The Small
Chow Jun Rui - "The Big and The Small"
Beauty in Our City
Foo Kai Yun Alexandra - "Beauty in Our City"
Lost in Thoughts
Jasmine Neo Jia Min - "Lost in Thoughts"
Deadly beauty
Law Ing Sind - "Deadly beauty"
Albino collared kingfisher
Mark Chia - "Albino collared kingfisher"
Patterns of Nature
Ng Wei Jin - "Patterns of Nature"
Secrets within Gardens by the Bay
Pang De En Ethan - "Secrets within Gardens by the Bay"


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