Website Credits

Photo credits

We would like to thank the following individuals for their photo contributions to this website:

Andrew JK Tan: “LEARN” landing page, photo of green and red leaves of a Ketapang tree.

Fannie Foong: “LEARN – Benefits of Trees” page, banner photo of people exercising in Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Tan TS: “LEARN – Urban Tree Care” page, photo of Heritage Tembusu tree with tree support system.

Hoong Wei Shiang: “EXPLORE” landing page, banner photo of Swan Lake at Singapore Botanic Gardens.



Benefits of Trees

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Tree Carbon Sequestration Information

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Tan, P.Y., Yeo, B., Yip, W.X., and Lua, H.K. 2009. Carbon Storage and Sequestration by urban trees in Singapore. Centre of Urban Greenery and Ecology, National Parks Board, Singapore.