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Gardening Resources

Whether you are an amateur gardener or a seasoned horticulturist, starting a home garden or a community garden, there are plenty of useful information and guides here for your gardening hobby. 

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Gardening Etiquette


Gardening Etiquette

Good housekeeping is an essential habit to maintain throughout your gardening journey. Let's play our part to keep our garden safe and enjoyable for everyone!


What to Grow


What to Grow

Thinking of what plants to start off with? Check out the plant recommendations on this page. These recommended plants are based on our tropical climate and can do well in Singapore.

Find out more about the Gardening with Edibles programme.


Caring for Plants


Caring for Plants

It is essential to understand the basic requirements of a plant when it comes to taking care of them. In this page, there is information about plant requirements, maintenance and integrated pest management which will help you to keep your plants healthy.




Flora & Fauna Web

For detailed plant descriptions with photos for plant identification, head over to the NParks Flora & Fauna Web microsite - a comprehensive database of plants grown in Singapore.

Each plant page will also describe the plant’s growing needs and propagation techniques. Whether you are growing a new plant or want to learn more about an old favourite, Flora and Fauna Web will be handy! 





Horticultural Best Practices for Edible Gardening

(PDF, 11MB)


This e-guide covers good horticultural practices to adopt when gardening with edibles. Topics include soil preparation, plant propagation, integrated pest management, as well as good food safety practices when harvesting your edibles for consumption.



If you are someone who prefers to learn from videos or are looking for new gardening ideas, do check out our gardening videos on our NParksSG YouTube channel. There are over 50 gardening videos, covering topics such as growing vegetables, making terrariums and DIY projects. Here are some of our favourite videos to get your started:

Gardening with Videos thumbnail

Gardening with Edibles Videos

DIY Gardening & Craft Videos

DIY Gardening & Crafts Videos

 CIB Outdoor Gardens Videos CIB Outdoor Gardening Videos


Have a gardening question on fertilisers, watering or pest management? Click here to access our compiled set of Gardening FAQs to learn more. 

Last updated on 28 July 2022

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