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Park Connector Network Etiquette

Why is there a need for a PCN etiquette guide?

A pleasant experience on the PCN requires all of us to be considerate towards one another. 
This guide aims to help you have a safe and enjoyable time using the PCN. Do read the guide and share these tips with your friends. 

PCN Users on Foot & Rollerblades

  • Always keep to the left side of the track and be aware of other users around you 
  • Be careful when crossing the PCN, especially in front of an approaching cyclist. Keep in mind that cyclists will require sufficient distance to slow down and stop. 
  • When walking or rollerblading at night, wear bright-coloured clothing so that other users, like cyclists, are able to see you clearly from a distance. 
  • Do wear personal protective gears such as helmet or knee guards when rollerblading for your own safety.

PCN Cyclists or Personal Mobility Device (PMD) Users

  • Ensure that your bicycle or PMD is in good condition before setting off and compliant to LTA's regulations. When riding at night, keep your device's lights on to make yourself more visible to other users.
  • Keep to the left side of the track, ride in single file and avoid weaving along the track. 
  • Speeding is dangerous. Keep a safe distance from other users to  avoid collisions. Slow down and give way to other users, especially at crowded or narrow areas. Do not overtake others when approaching places such pedestrian crossings, corners and bends. Remember that pedestrians have the right of way on pedestrian crossings.
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars unless signalling. Signal in good time before you make a change in direction. 
  • Do wear protective cycling gears such as helmet for your own safety.

Pet Owners

  • Leash your pet e.g., walk it closer to the edge of the track while keeping yourself between the pet and other users, so that it will not stray into their path. 
  • Always remember to clean up after your pet.
Last updated on 04 May 2018

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