Ask the Experts – Issue 18

Question: Bought a Curry plant from a pasar malam and repotted it. However, the plant doesn’t seem to be growing (no new leaves) for around 3–4 months. How do I encourage the Curry plant to grow? Is the Curry plant a very slow-growing plant? -Tan Lay See Reply: Your plant might have undergone transplant shock when the repotting was done. When repotting, it is important to avoid disturbing the roots of the plant, unless necessary, as this will damage its delicate root system. Your plant may take a while to recover as it grows new roots. Another reason for the lack of growth could be due to the lack of sufficient sunlight. The Curry plant loves sun. It can be grown under sunny conditions in the outdoors. If you stay in an apartment, it is important to allow it to be exposed to 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. -Dr Wilson Wong Ask the Expert team is made up of NParks horticultural and gardening experts. If you have any questions on plants or plant-related subjects, please send your question to Ask the Experts at
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