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  • Gardening Responsibly and Safely

    Gardening Responsibly and Safely

    Here are some ways to garden in a responsible manner to create a friendlier environment for you and your neighbours.

  • Simply the Zest

    Simply the Zest

    Besides the common lemon we are all familiar with, did you know that there are various other plants in Singapore that have ‘lemon’ in their names?

  • Delicious Blooms

    Delicious Blooms

    Flowers are pretty to look at, but why not add them to your dinner plate? Here are some edible flowers you can grow for food!

  • Air-layering - A Viable Way of Propagating Woody Plants

    Air-layering - A Viable Way of Propagating Woody Plants

    Want to propagate your woody plants? Follow our step-by-step process on air-layering, to help you do so better.

  • Grow What Where?

    Grow What Where?

    Before you start on your edibles journey, understand the conditions of your growing environment. Here are some important factors to consider!