Students! Participate in the Trees for Life Photography Competition 2014!


Trees form the backbone of our City in a Garden. Lining roads and offering shade in parks and gardens, they also soften and beautify our cityscape. They make our lives more pleasant by helping us feel more connected to nature. As providers of food, oxygen and shelter, trees also give life to other living things which depend on them for survival. Express your love for trees and nature through your photographs. Share a photo of a tree that means a lot to you and submit it for the Trees for Life Photography Competition 2014. You may just win the following prizes: 1st Prize: $1,200 2nd Prize: $800 3rd Prize: $500 Consolation: $100 Most well-liked photograph (on Instagram): More than $500 worth of prizes This competition is open to students from preschool to tertiary level. Visit Trees for Life for more information on the contest including the terms and conditions.

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Jovan Tey 6/1/2014 4:45:01 PM

As a group, we created this special tree during our Art lessons. We learnt about the different environment actions that we could take as Green Planeteers in our school - Alexandra Primary School on Earth Day and Youth For Environment Day. From there, we pledge our green actions on our tree. With every thumbprint we made on this special tree of ours, we reminded ourselves of the green pledges that we have made and promised to take the right actions to express our love for trees and nature.
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