Contest Issue 46



Made from 100% recycled fibre, this beautiful botanical journal measures 17 x 14 cm and has writing lines on all pages matched with a pretty bookmark – perfect for you to note down your thoughts and ideas after a pleasant stroll in our parks and gardens.

Simply answer the questions below and you could be a lucky winner!

In the article, “Born and Bred in Singapore”, we learn about seven native flora and fauna found here. According to the article,
The Raffles Pitcher Plant takes on a vine-like growth and has the ability to climb up to what height or higher? 
The Mangrove Pit-viper has a distinctive feature – what shape does its broad head resemble? 

Contest closes on 28 Aug 2020. Email your answers to with the subject title “My Green Space Contest Jul – Aug 2020”, together with your name, e-mail address, mailing address and contact number.
My Green Space Contest Winners: Apr – Jun 2020


1) Catherine Lim
2) Harvinder Kaur
3) Desmond Lim Yong Huat
4) Ong Kian Boon
5) Tan Seow Cher

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