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Online Programmes

The SGF Hort Show takes on a hybrid format this year, with online activities lined up throughout the month! Ranging from Facebook Live sessions and Zoom webinars to videos on gardening, floral arrangement, aquascaping and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Missed any of them? Catch up on NParksSG YouTube here.


Facebook Live sessions

Flowers, Foliage and the Finest of Them All – Caring for Ornamental Plants

9 October, Saturday, 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Beautiful blooms and fascinating foliage are a sight to behold! Hear more from our colleague Lim Siu Ann as she shares how to choose and care for ornamental plants. She will be joined later by Zaki Jamil, and together, they will share tips on grooming plants for competitions. Whether you are new to gardening or have been at it for years, there is something for you at this session!

Watch the session here.


Mints and Gingers

17 October, Sunday, 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Many of our favourite dishes will lose their charm if not for herbs like mints and gingers. In this LIVE session, our gardening expert Dr Wilson Wong will show how you can plant some commonly used herbs in the mint family (Lamiaceae) via stem cuttings.

This will be followed by our Singapore Botanic Gardens colleagues, Dr Jana Skornickova and Sarah Lim, who will share all about gingers and introduce the Gardens' important work in conserving our very own native ginger, the Zingiber singapurense. They will also share some tips on how to grow your own ginger, the edible kind of course!

Watch the session here.



Growing Begonias and African Violets

9 October, Saturday, 4.00pm to 5.00pm

Join us for this session with Tamako Kobayashi to find out more about two plants that have gained popularity in the plant community in recent times – Begonias and African Violets. Check out the varied foliage of Begonias and the attractive flowers of African Violets and learn how to propagate and grow both of them. As plants that are relatively easy to maintain, you may just be inspired to try your hand at growing them after this!

Watch the session here.


The Inspirations – Floral Design with Harijanto Setiawan

10 October, Sunday, 2.00pm to 2.45pm

Harness your creativity to transform flowers into real artistry! Join an internationally renowned master floral designer Harijanto Setiawan as he takes on an innovative approach to have fun with flowers.

Watch the session here.


Structure in Bloom – Floral Design with Damien Koh

16 October, Saturday, 2.00pm to 2.45pm

Installation? Sculpture? Structure? Container? Floral design? It’s a fusion of all and an expression of self! Join internationally acclaimed floral artist Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD as he takes us through this floral demonstration.

Watch the session here

PFCI: Professional Floral Communicators International
AIFD: American Institute of Floral Designers
CFD: Certified Floral Designer


Growing Microgreens at Home

17 October, Sunday, 4.00pm to 5.00pm

If you prefer not to start big when growing edibles, consider starting with microgreens to boost your confidence! Join our gardening expert Dr Wilson Wong to find out more about this simple farm-to-fork concept and how to grow microgreens in the comfort of your own home.

Watch the session here.


Bazaar In the Garden @ Jurong Lake Gardens (October 2021)

23 October, Saturday

Bazaar in the Garden is back for the month of October!

Come listen to the folktale about a boy who grew the most beautiful flowers during our children's storytelling session, learn from the experts on how to grow edibles and create your own Bonsai.

For more details, click here.



New videos will be released on NParksSG YouTube every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on various topics such as gardening, aquascaping, floral arrangement and highlights of the Hort Show at Singapore Botanic Gardens and Jurong Lake Gardens. Some of the videos we have lined up include:


Building Paludariums at Home

Interested to make an eye catching minature plant display for your table? If you have made a terrarium before, take it a step further and challenge yourself to build a paludarium!

Paludariums are a hybrid of terrestrial and aquatic habitats housed within enclosed containers. Join our Singapore Botanic Gardens colleagues Taufiq and Logan in this how-to video and get started on your very own paludarium.


Growing Carnivorous Plants

Do carnivorous plants eat other plants? Do you need to feed them? Discover the strange and unusual meat-eaters of the plant world!

Join our Singapore Botanic Gardens colleagues Jonathan and Beverly as they show you different species of carnivorous plants. Watch to find out how to grow them in the comfort of your own home! We can testify – these plants are not man-eaters. 


Table Arrangement with Little Hands

Fancy a fun activity to do with your children?

Learn how to make a beautiful table arrangement to decorate your home with our Singapore Botanic Gardens colleague Ada and her son Isaac. Pick and choose the flowers you want and let's get started!


All About Gingers

Many of us are familiar with the common ginger that we use in our local cuisine, but did you know that it is just one species in the Ginger family, which has a large diversity of plants? These include bananas, turmeric, and even colourful heliconias!

Interested to find out more? Join Dr Jana Skornickova as she introduces the 8 families of the Zingerberales Order. You’d be surprised to see their magnificent flowers!


Conservation of Gingers in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Have you ever wondered how our conservation efforts are carried out behind-the-scenes at the Singapore Botanic Gardens? Join Sarah Lim as she shows us some snippets of the Gardens' important work in conserving native gingers, especially the critically endangered Singapore Ginger (Zingiber singapurense). 


How to Grow 3 Shade-loving Edibles

While most edible plants usually require at least 6 hours of full sunlight, there are also edible plants that flourish in the shade! In this video, find out more about Okinawan spinach, Chin Chow, and Sand Gingers, which are all edible plants that grow well in areas with less sunlight.


Cut-And-Come-Again Vegetables

Did you know that you can harvest some vegetables multiple times? In this video, learn about Sweet potatoes, Sissoo Spinach, Lettuce and Bayam and how to keep them growing and producing for longer!


Identifying and Managing Common Insect Pests in Edible Plants

Insect pests, if not managed properly can damage plants in gardens. The early detection and correct identification of insect pests are important for effective control and management of these pests. In this video, we will feature a few common insect pests that can damage our edible plants. Learn how to recognise symptoms, identify, prevent, and control these pests naturally!


Plant Pot Decoration

Interested to decorate your own plant pots before planting?  Plant pot decoration is an easy to do therapeutic horticulture activity that promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and mindfulness.  Find out how you can decorate your very own plant pot using art and craft materials in this video.


Seed Mandala Decoration

In the video, learn how to decorate and make a beautiful seed mandala using different kinds of seeds, spices, and other craft materials.  Creating your own seed mandala is an easy therapeutic horticulture activity which promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and stimulates memory. 


Plant Propagation by Grafting

Interested in propagating plants by grafting? Learn how to propagate plants using wedge grafting in this video! Wedge grafting is a technique used to propagate plant species that don’t propagate well via seeds or stem cuttings.


How to Build a Trellis

Learn how to build a trellis for your edible climbers like passion fruits and long beans through this step by step video guide.




National Parks Board reserves the right to modify, replace or cancel the programme without prior notice at its sole and absolute discretion. National Parks Board shall not be held liable for any loss or damage howsoever incurred arising out of the modification, replacement and / or cancellation of the programme.


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