Interested to apply for the Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme? This involves a two stage process:

  • Application stage

  • Reimbursement stage


*Important Note: Skyrise Greenery (NParks) will never send any SMSes with clickable links, ask for personal details over the phone, email or text messages or direct you to a website asking for personal details.


Stage 1: Application

Applicants who are interested in the scheme are welcomed to fill in their query form here. Upon receiving your queries, our Skyrise Managers-in-Charge will guide you on the process thereafter, including the submission of relevant application forms and supporting documents. Do note that the forms and documents need to be submitted first before works begin, so as to ensure that rooftop greenery and vertical greenery proposals qualify for funding.


After the application has been approved, applicants will receive a letter of offer from NParks. This letter of offer is valid for 12 months during which the funds will be reserved and installations must be completed. Extension is allowed upon request. Do note that the applicant can only commence with their installation works only upon receiving the letter of offer.

Additional steps for MOE schools

Schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE) are required to inform MOE (School Campus Division) of their proposed skyrise greenery installation. A copy of MOE HQ's written acknowledgement of the works should be submitted to NParks together with the application documents.


Stage 2: Reimbursement

After installation is complete, a reimbursement form must be submitted for the funding to be disbursed. A site inspection will also be carried out to ensure that 80% greenery coverage of the proposed plan has been achieved.



Forms and supporting documents can be submitted via email to the Skyrise Manager in Charge whom you have been liaising with or post to the address below.


Skyrise Greenery and Projects
National Parks Board
Headquarters (Raffles Building)
1 Cluny Road
Singapore 259569