Horticulture, Built Greenery & Urban Ecology

The Horticulture, Built Greenery & Urban Ecology covers these research topics:

Turf Science

  • Tolerance To Trafficking Requirements Of Major Turfgrass Species
  • Optimum Fertility Requirements Of Major Turfgrass Species
  • Resistance To Compaction And Drainage Characteristics Of Rootzone Types
  • Determination Of Light Requirements Of Tropical Turfgrass Species
  • Turfgrass Tolerance on Wet Soil

Soil Science

  • Assessment of soil quality across Singapore streetscape
  • Use of biochar for improvement of urban soil health
  • Determination of appropriate soil conditioner and their application rate for turf quality enhancement
  • Performance of urban trees on different organic and inorganic soil amendments

Skyrise Greenery

  • Selection of Plants for Green Roofs
  • Vertical Greenery systems Demonstration
  • Do-It-Yourself Vertical Greening System
  • Modular Vertical Greenery System

Water Sensitive Landscaping

  • Plants Suitable For Bio-retention
  • Improvement In Water Quality Of Ponds

Carbon Sequestration Studies

  • Carbon Sequestration By Vegetation In Singapore Through Remote Sensing
  • Quantifying Vegetation Biomass Of Singapore By Remote Sensing Techniques

Ecological Restoration of impacted sites

Enhancing Biodiversity in Urban Environment

  • Landscape Structure And Fragmentation In Singapore
  • Enhancing The Urban Native Biodiversity Of Singapore
  • Characterization Of Vegetation Structure, Composition And Biodiversity In Urban Areas