Areas of Coverage

The incentive scheme covers five major areas of productivity improvements:

1. Mechanization and Innovation

This is to assist landscape companies to defray cost incurred for the acquisition and purchase of new landscape equipment and thus encourage greater adoption of mechanization. The outcome for these companies is to achieve positive productivity benefits in workflow improvements and processes.

2. Nursery Innovation

This is to assist landscape companies who would like to adopt various innovative technologies into their nurseries to improve productivity and capability and maximize the returns from the nursery land.

3. Operations Improvement

The application of automation systems in landscape operations will equip landscape companies to automate their workflow, thereby improving their resource allocation, supervision of job assignments and access to technology for better work management and consistent work outcome quality.

4. Weeds Control

As weeds control and management is an area in which there can be positive gains in productivity, the incentive scheme will encourage companies to have better time management and have more effective ways to control weed growth and allow for better desired plant growth and appearance.

5. Human Resource Applications

Having practical Human Resource (HR) solution packages will enable the companies to have improved HR practices. By adopting proper HR solutions, it will help to set up the capability in HR processes and reduce time taken for manual tracking and documentation.

Last updated: 31 Oct 2013