Vertical 5 – City in Nature (CoT R&D Programme)


Vertical 5 – City in Nature is a new research vertical formed under the Cities of Tomorrow R&D Programme (CoT) in RIE2025, to provide a scientific foundation that will support Singapore’s transformation into a City in Nature, in alignment with our national ambition to create a green, liveable and sustainable home for Singaporeans. This new research vertical will build on existing R&D efforts in greenery and biodiversity, to strengthen our ecological and climate resilience, and will also seek to inform nature-based solutions for social resilience.

Led by NParks, Vertical 5 – City in Nature has been allocated $17.9 million in research funding under RIE2025. As addressing the complex challenges involved in transforming Singapore into a City in Nature will require perspectives from a wide range of disciplines, research efforts under this vertical will seek to harness scientific expertise, technical capabilities, and practitioner experience that reside across various local research institutes, agencies, and companies, as coordinated by NParks.

Key Research Themes

R&D efforts under Vertical 5 – City in Nature will be centered around key focus areas such as:

  • Safe, productive, and multi-functional urban greenery – to develop new solutions to improve urban greenery operations and management, and its integration with the built environment.
  • Biodiversity monitoring to improve adaptive management of urban biodiversity – to develop tools and techniques to improve the efficiency of biodiversity monitoring
  • Managing human-nature relationships – to improve our understanding of human-nature relationships, so as to inform policies and solutions that further enhance the physical and mental well-being benefits of urban nature.
  • Nature-based solutions for inland climate change and adaptation – to inform the planning and design of blue-green infrastructure for the provision of climate-related ecosystem services. 

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