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Terms and Conditions

1. Nursery Accreditation Scheme is valid for 3 year upon date of accreditation.
2. Company should accumulate at least 1 year in nursery operation on the parcel
applied for accreditation.
3. Minimum size and planting area to be eligible for accreditation: (i) retail – 0.3 hectare
with minimum of 40% planting area, and (ii) production, holding, wholesale – 0.4
hectare with minimum of 60% planting area.
4. Related companies with identical directorship or shareholder can only apply for one
single entity on the subject parcel. In the event of duplicate application for the same
nursery area, the first NAS shall be forfeited.
5. Only companies who own and operate the nursery is allowed to apply for
accreditation. Companies acting as a managing agent for the nursery plot is
prohibited to apply for accreditation.
6. Company to show documentation proof (e.g. ACRA etc.) for the change in company
name (e.g. from Sole-proprietorship to Private Limited).
7. One time reassessment would be carried out 6 months from the date of accreditation
for borderline cases. For companies which did not pass the accreditation, NParks will
only reassess 1 year later to allow them sufficient time to meet the criteria.
8. Company are required to submit their records (i.e. Audited Financial Statements and
Productivity Targets; Production Records etc.) to National Parks Board (NParks)
annually throughout the accreditation period upon requests. Company may also be
requested to furnish other documents to support their application.
9. The above terms and conditions is subject to change. Company is required to comply
with the revised terms and conditions should there be any revision to it.

*Terms and Conditions are subject to change. 

Last updated on May 2017