National Parks Board Research Collaboration Opportunity

1. Invitation

1.1 The National Parks Board (“NParks”) aims to advance research on greenery and ecology in Singapore. NParks is inviting potential research collaborator(s) to submit proposals for the following projects:

Table 1: List of project descriptions and deadlines for proposal submissions

RCO Ref No. Research Collaboration Opportunity

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NParks PA Template Clarification Submission Deadline 
RCO-CUGE-2020-01 Air Conditioning Blowdown Water Recovering System to Irrigate Retrofitted Building Greenery for Thermal Gain Mitigation

NParks PA Template 1

Clarification for Project 1

Extended till 29th June 2020


RCO-CUGE-2020-02 Effects of Planting Schemes on Particulate Pollution Exposure Along Tropical Urban Streets
NParks PA Template 2 Clarification for Project 2

Extended till 17th July 2020


RCO-CUGE-2020-03 Social Research on Management Cats NParks PA Template 3
Clarification for Project 3

Extended till 14th August 2020


RCO-CUGE-2020-04 Investigations into the human dimensions of human-wildlife interactions in Singapore NParks PA Template 4  

Extended till 30th November 2020


1.2 Eligible parties are invited to submit proposals for these project(s), subject to the terms and conditions set out below.


2. Eligibility

2.1 Researchers from all Singapore-based research institutions or companies are eligible to apply.

2.2 The Lead Principal Investigator (“PI”) must be based in Singapore1. All research work should be undertaken in Singapore, unless expressly approved by NParks. The Lead PI may involve researchers from other institutions or companies in the proposal.

2.3 Proposals with similar scope to proposals or projects, which are currently under evaluation by other funding initiatives, or in progress, must be declared in the proposal submission.

2.4 Proposals must reach NParks at the stated address by the deadline stipulated in Table 1 and must be submitted in the manner set out in paragraph 5 below.


3. Evaluation of Submissions

3.1 Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

i. Ability to deliver project objectives

The methodology is clear and appropriate in addressing the key challenges and is practical to implement and conduct. The proposed timeline should also be reasonable and achievable, with the project outcomes produced in a timely manner.

ii. Quality of research team

Researchers working on the project should have the relevant expertise and experience to execute the project well.

iii. Value for money in budget

The proposed budget should be based on realistic costings to achieve the research deliverables with appropriate justifications.

iv. Strength of value-added research components

Proposals with added research outcomes (exceeding those in the expected deliverables stated by NParks) deemed of value to NParks will be favourably considered.

3.2 An evaluation committee appointed by NParks will decide on the proposal(s) to be supported. NParks may also decide to send the research proposal to a third party reviewer for comments.

3.3 The decision by NParks shall be final. NParks reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to select any of the proposals submitted for this Research Collaboration Opportunity for funding.


4. Proposal Submission Conditions

4.1 Before the start of any project, a research collaboration agreement (“RCA”), or a similar agreement, setting out the full responsibilities and obligations of collaborators, will be signed between the institution of the Lead PI and NParks.

4.2 For an institution acting as a party to the Singapore Public Sector Organisations Master Research Collaboration Agreement (“MRCA”), a Project Agreement (“PA”) will be signed between the institution of the Lead PI and NParks. 

4.3 The terms and conditions set out in the RCA or PA are non-negotiable, and submission of any proposal signifies unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the RCA or PA by the institution of the Lead PI upon selection of the proposal by NParks. The PA is available alongside each Research Collaboration Opportunity listed in Table 1.


5. Submission Instructions

5.1 All project proposals must be submitted in Microsoft Word format to the relevant Project Manager by the deadline stipulated in Table 1.

5.2 Files must be named in the following convention:

FP_<RCO Number>_<Name of Lead PI>

5.3 Full proposals and supporting documents shall only be deemed to be submitted if all relevant forms with relevant attachments are submitted. Incomplete or non-compliant submissions may be considered disqualified. Please refer to the Project Proposal Template in Annex B.

5.4 Late submissions will be disqualified.


6. Enquiries

6.1 For transparency, all enquiries and associated clarifications will be published on the Research Collaboration Opportunity page of the CUGE web site. We regret that phone enquiries will not be accepted.

6.2 For any enquiries or clarifications, please contact the relevant Project Manager listed in Table 1.

Files for download
Details of Budgeting for Funding (Annex A)
Project Proposal Template (Annex B)


[1] Lead PIs must have an employment contract of a minimum of 9 months’ future employment (calculated from the date of the submission of the proposal) with a Singapore-based organisation (Singapore-based institutions of higher learning (IHLs), public sector agencies, not-for profit research laboratories as well as companies and company-affiliated research laboratories/institutions). The Lead PI must also fulfil at least 6 months of residency in Singapore over a period of 1 calendar year, from the date of proposal submission throughout the project.