Productivity Solutions Grant

The Landscape Productivity Grant (LPG) and Agriculture Productivity Fund (Non-Food) had been streamlined into the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). 



The grant is to encourage companies to purchase sector-specific equipment for the purposes of achieving productivity benefits and gain better operational efficiency in their work processes. Companies which are supported for the grant will be able to defray their costs when they purchase new equipment.

This grant is to also assist companies who would like to adopt various innovative technologies into their nurseries or non-food farms to improve productivity and capability and maximise the returns from the nursery or farm land. The objective is to encourage greater adoption of mechanisation and digitalisation. The outcome for these companies is to achieve positive productivity benefits in workflow improvements and processes.


List of supportable equipment

The examples of the supportable sector-specific solutions are: 

Landscape Sector

Agriculture (Non-Food) Sector


Application Period

The incentive scheme is now open for application from 18 Nov 2020 to 15 Feb 2021. Participation in the Scheme will be subject to availability of funds.

All Applications will be evaluated based on the potential productivity improvement that it could bring about and will be reviewed and supported based on a case to case basis. The same Equipment may be approved for one Application but rejected for another Application at NParks' discretion.

NParks reserves the right to grant its approval, impose additional terms and conditions of such approval, defer or withdraw its approval or reject the Application based on the availability of funds and any other reason as it deems fit.

How to apply

Companies which are keen to adopt sector-specific equipment to improve productivity may go to the Business Grants Portal ( to access pre-scoped solutions that meet their business needs. Please note that application must be submitted before the company purchase the equipment. The eligible costs are mainly hardware equipment or machinery. Other costs such as manpower or maintenance costs are not covered.

The grant is open for application on Business Grant Portal for companies with valid licences and CorpPass account. Please select the “Landscape” or “Agriculture – Non-Food” sector, followed by “Upgrade key business areas” and then “Pre-scoped Productivity Solutions” when making the application.

For more information on PSG, please visit Business Grants Portal’s FAQ at

Conditions of Payment

NParks shall have the right to revoke its approval with immediate effect if the Applicant:

Leases, lends or sells the Equipment to another party;

Allows the Equipment to be used outside of Singapore; or

Scraps or disposes of the Equipment; 

during the Holding Period or otherwise fails to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions of the scheme. Applicants who carry out or undertake any of the above shall be liable to return the Grant monies which have been paid to them. NParks shall not be liable to the Applicant or any other person for any loss or damages suffered by the Applicant arising from the Application, including but not limited to any expenses incurred by the Applicant arising from his participation in the Scheme, his purchase of the Equipment or any preparatory works undertaken for such purchase, or revocation of NParks' approval.

If you have queries pertaining to the scheme, please contact