CUGE Research Fellowship

CUGE offers Research Fellowships on a competitive basis to researchers whose research addresses environmental and ecological issues facing urban built environments. The Fellowship's primary aim is to build up expertise on the study of urban greenery and ecology in Singapore.

Each fellowship award offers the successful applicant one round-trip airfare to Singapore and a monthly stipend of up to SGD 4,500. The fellowship terms typically range between one and 12 months, and are offered in a variety of disciplines, such as, arboriculture, plant protection, soil science, turf science, urban ecology and urban studies.

Fellows will identify, propose and develop the research project. A significant component of the fieldwork or studies relating to the research project must be undertaken in Singapore.

General Requirements
Upon completion of the project, a CUGE Research Fellow is expected to:

  • Submit a written report to the National Parks Board
  • Present the results in workshops or seminars
  • Acknowledge the Fellowship in scientific publications relating to the project or work done during the Fellowship term

Interested applicants are invited to send their full curriculum vitae and a brief statement of the research proposal to