3rd Run of Plant Health and Pest Management Workshop

27 Nov 2012

CUGE organized the 3rd run of "Plant Health and Pest Management" workshop on 27 – 28 November 2012. This course was specially designed to teach participants to understand and dictate the associations of poor plant vigour, symptoms and underlying causes of pests or diseases, and learn how to maintain healthy plants.

Participants learned about the complexities of growing plants in Singapore, basic problems of various common plant pests and diseases, how to manage these problems ranging from pre-planting practices to the correct plant selection and control strategies.

During the field trip and hands-on session, participants were given opportunities to use microscopes and pocket magnifiers to identify various types of plant pests and diseases, to understand the root cause and how to manage tropical plant health.

More than 30 landscape and horticulture professionals from government agencies and local landscape companies benefited from the workshop. Here are some positive feedback received:

"Very satisfying course attended."

"Excellent slides. Thanks Dr Fong! Highly informative & practical."

"I was quite amazed that the lecture materials are FULL COLOUR!! That is really good because we can see the photos very clearly. Dr Fong is very experienced too! I really learnt much new stuff these few days." "Everything is great. Enjoyed course."

Due to the overwhelming response, CUGE plans to repeat the course next year. Interested participants can contact Ms Penny Teng at penny_teng@nparks.gov.sg.

Interactive discussion and hands-on session

Interactive discussion and hands-on session