International Programme on Greenery Planning and Management (English)


Introduction of Singapore as a Garden City
• Singapore’s transformation into the distinctive Garden City of today
• Strategies and policies adopted to create the best living environment

Parks and Greenery Planning and Design
• Learn about the Singapore Parks Master Plan and greenery planning
• Integration of people and design to achieve a harmonised co-existence of man and nature.

Parks Development and Management
• Useful insights into parks maintenance and development
• Three approaches adopted in the engagement strategy
• Types of branding of Lifestyle Themes within Parks.

Management of Streetscape Greenery / Streetscape Greenery Master Plan
• Challenges faced by the Streetscape Greenery team
• How to maximise use of space for greenery identity

Conservation and Management of Biodiversity
• Importance of protecting and conserving biodiversity.
• Conservation efforts in the various nature reserves.

Landscape Industry Development
• Training frameworks and training programmes available in the landscape industry
• Greenery legislation and enforcements

• Senior public sector officials, policy makers, policy planners and practitioners from government agencies of countries who are developing their greenery or aspiring to introduce greenery into their cities’ urban landscapes.
• Senior management of property developers, architects, landscape architects, planners and project managers.

Our trainers are experienced senior practitioners in the National Parks Board (NParks) who are accomplished in their respective field.

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