Fireflies in Urban Setting - Characterising Habitats for Species Conservation

The firefly is one of the most iconic insects in the world. Unfortunately, firefly species are declining all over the world. Despite their ecological and economic importance, fireflies face the imminent threat of habitat loss and pollution. This situation is worsening in urban settings where artificial lights are visible and green spaces are often limited. Fireflies are rarely seen in our cities so most of us do not know that there are firefly species still surviving in Singapore. But they require our special consideration for their survival. This workshop will deliver a clear and compelling message about the importance of fireflies which are classified as endangered under the Singapore Red Data Book and what we, as stakeholders, can do to protect species and habitats. 


This 1.5 day workshop aims to introduce participants to fireflies in Singapore as an attempt to provide better understanding about extant species and their unique habitats.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Better understand habitat requirements of fireflies
  • Identify firefly species - morphology and flash signals
  • Assess microhabitat according to ecological type of fireflies
  • Evaluate threats and find potential solutions to manage firefly habitats


I. Lecture

Firefly taxonomy

  • Keep up with the current list of Singapore species
  • Learn how to identify genera and species using a simplified identification key

Firefly ecology

  • Learn how to distinguish species using fireflies' unique flashes
  • Understand life cycle, distribution and habitat types

Firefly conservation

  • Better understand the leading threat of fireflies and their habitats
  • Feasibility of replicating natural ecology of fireflies in urban setting

II. Fieldwork

  • Urban-Daytime rapid assessment to characterise firefly habitat
  • Urban-Nighttime rapid assessment to survey firefly species


  • Classroom Lecture
  • Discussion and Quiz
  • Equipment Demonstration
  • Fieldwork


  • Parks managers
  • Conservation managers
  • Landscape architects
  • Landscape industry workers
  • Pest control industry workers
  • Ecology consultants
  • Entomologists
Dr Wan F. A. Jusoh is a conservation scientist with broad interests in insect conservation, wetlands management and natural history of the Indo-Australian Archipelago. On top of that, she is passionate about fireflies. Her research on Southeast Asian fireflies has focused on the ecology and integrative taxonomy of Luciolinae, particularly in the genus Pteroptyx Olivier.She is a member of Fireflyers International Network. She runs "kelip-kelip" ( as part of her dedication to the study of fireflies and other biodiversity projects. Prior to joining academia in 2017, Dr Wan worked for World Wide fund for Nature Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia) in advocacy for the protection of wetlands ecosystems in Terengganu.  

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