Tree Inspection - Advanced

This program is a sequel to the Basic Tree Inspection - The Basics. In this workshop, participants will practise evaluating the defects they observed and think critically on their justification for proposed mitigating measures. Usage of equipment to complement tree assessment will also be shared.

This programme was formerly published as Tree Inspection - Level 2. 


  • Learn the importance of Root Collar Excavation
  • Think critically about the defects observed
  • Understand and look out for factors that might lead defect to failure
  • Learn to analyse how and why certain defects lead to failure
  • Learn the differences in analysing failure potential for open and closed cavities
  • Understand when and how an equipment is used in Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)
  • Learn to justify proposed mitigating measures



Day 1, AM

  • Usage of basic tools for tree assessment below ground
  • Tree inspection – has all the information been gathered?

Day 1, PM

  • Using of equipment to complement VTA
  • Analysis of opened/closed cavities in tree trunks

Day 2, Whole Day

  • Evaluation of defects
    • Where is failure likely to occur?
    • What is the likelihood of failure?
    • Proposed mitigating measures and the reasons for using them


Participants must have prior knowledge on the identification of tree defects and must have attended either one of the following programmes:
  • NParks' Tree Inspection OJT
  • Tree Inspection (Level 1). Previously known as Basic Tree Inspection (Level 1)


  • Lecture
  • Group discussion


  • Arborists
  • Personnel who has to carry out tree inspection


Professional Certification


Certified Practising Horticulturist

14 CEUs

ISA Certified Arborist

10 CEUs

ISA Municipal Specialist

10 CEUs

ISA Tree Worker Specialist

10 CEUs

ISA BCMA- Practice

10 CEUs

*Awarded points may differ for different sessions. Please refer to the latest mailer or contact our staff for more information.  


Mr Abdul Hamid is an ISA Certified Arborist and an Municipal Specialist. He has more than 30 years of experience in conducting tree assessments.

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