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Overseas Professional Development Programme (English)

Programme Modules

Tree Management

Appreciate the importance of proper tree management and maintenance for urban trees, and the ideal environment for them to thrive in. You will learn the tree management framework as follows: 

  • Basic tree biology
  • Site and species selection for urban landscape
  • Tree planting and tree transplanting methods and procedures
  • General tree care after planting
  • Tree protection and conservation in construction site
  • Proper tree pruning and inspection
  • Field demonstration in tree inspection

Landscape Design, Development and Management

Be familiarised with plant science, plant identification, horticultural management and all aspects of landscaping and landscape design management. You will gain the following insights:

  • Design principles, elements and guidelines for public parks
  • Project management and cost management.
  • Horticultural and arboriculture management
  • Plant identification and recreation facilities provisioning
  • Park programming and park activities
  • Creating park experiences that can monetise parks businesses
  • Field visits to host city’s parks and gardens for practical insights and real-life experience of topics covered

Turf Management

Receive valuable updates on the proper caring, safekeeping and management of grassed areas, such as lawns, parks, golf courses, and athletic fields. You will enhance your turf knowledge through the following:

  • Ground preparation and required conditions
  • Turf grass species and identification
  • Types of irrigation systems and practices
  • Turf maintenance programs and types of machineries
  • Types of fertilisers as growing media and their applications
  • Weed management and control
  • Integrated pest and diseases management, control and prevention

Programme Duration 

Our Overseas Professional Development Programme consists of a series of modules, with each lasting between three to four days. The programme will be presented in English and conducted at the participant’s city.

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