Animal Management Professional Certification Programme - Intermediate Elective Module - Reptiles

As Singapore moves towards becoming a City in Nature, people and wildlife are increasingly sharing a common space. Together with our outreach efforts to educate the public on how to interact with wildlife responsibly, there is a need to develop a professional and competent and core group of animal management specialists who are often called in to mitigate human-wildlife incidents. This course aims to equip animal management specialists with the skills to perform their work while ensuring public and personnel safety, as well as animal welfare.

In particular, this intermediate elective module will focus on reptiles. 

Course Objectives

After attending the course, participants will be required to complete and pass the assessment and acquire the skillsets below:

  • Identify and distinguish common reptiles in Singapore; and
  • Handle and trap reptiles (both non-venomous and venomous snake species and monitor lizards) while ensuring public safety, personnel safety and animal welfare.

Please click here for detailed lesson plan.


To be enrolled for the course and take the exam, applicants must have attended Animal Management PCP (Basic Module)

The following vaccinations are recommended for participants attending this course:

  • Influenza
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus (Boostrix)
  • Japanese Encephalitis

Methodology & Venue

  • 3-week long course through virtual learning and small group sessions for hands-on components
  • Lessons will be delivered through webinars, pre-recorded lectures and self study e-learning portals
    • Theory components will be conducted through pre-recorded lectures and live streaming on WEBEX
    • MCQ Assessment will be done through an online quiz
    • Group discussion and presentation will be replaced by individual online presentation
  • Practical assessment will be conducted on site
    • Hands-on session will be conducted in-person within the allowed participant number limit e.g. multiple small groups setting

Note: Virtual classroom invitation link and electronic course materials will be sent to all learners prior to commencement of each lesson.

Suitable for

  • Animal management companies
  • Pest control companies interested to take up reptile handling functions
  • Relevant agencies


Programme facilitators are locally-based industry professionals with knowledge and experience in animal management.

Certificate Attainment

To attain a Certificate, participants are required to:

  • Achieve 90% attendance, and 75% passing mark for assessment

Certificate Validity & Re-certification

The professional certification is valid for a period of 3 years. To re-certify, credential holder is required to undergo a 1-day refresher course and assessment.

Course Fee

Full Course Fee* (Inclusive of 7% GST): $395.90

*Terms & conditions apply.

Please refer HERE for information on available funding and eligibility. 


28 Sep to 3 Nov 2020


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