CUGE-HOR-3001 Sustainable / Organic Gardening in Permaculture


In an urbanized environment, we are often faced with limited space and scarce resources. How do we, then, create a productive garden that can sustain a bounty of quality plants, vegetables and fruits with minimum effort and time?

Permaculture is the practice of creating ecologically sound and sustainable gardens/farms that leverage on existing natural system within a given space. By first understanding the beneficial interactions that exist between individual elements, practitioners of Permaculture are able to design gardens that reduce waste and increase productivity.  

Through the course, participants will gain a basic understanding of Permaculture's ethics, principles, design approaches and applications to gardening and urban landscaping. The workshop will aim to equip participants with the knowledge and confidence needed to begin incorporating Permaculture in their own gardening and landscaping projects, on both the personal and professional level. 


The course aims to share the following:
1. To understand the fundamental concepts and philosophy of Permaculture
2. To learn the existing designs and agriculture strategies used in Permaculture
3. To have a hands-on experience in designing a community garden site that is based on Permaculture design principles.


Day 1:
Morning session –
Individual Introductions and   Design Site Introduction 
Introduction to the concepts of   Permaculture
Introduction to the ethics   behind Permaculture
Topic 1: Energy and   boundaries
Afternoon session -
Topic 2: Patterns and designs   in Nature
Topic 3: Zoning in space and   time
Topic 4: Permaculture’s   application to designing infrastructure
Day 2:
Morning session -
Topic 5: Permaculture’s   application to soil-based agriculture
Topic 6: Permaculture’s   application to Integrated Pest Management
Afternoon session -
Prominent Permaculture designs
- Composting
- Vermiculture
- Chicken coop and rotational   paddock
- Aquaponics
- Banana circle
- Key-hole planting
- Herb spirals
Preparation for group   presentation
Q&A session and wrap up

Lecture with discussion and practical session.


Horticulturist, leaders of local community gardens, landscape professionals & hobbyists


Certified Practicing Horticulturist 12 CEUs
*Accredited points may differ for different sessions. Please refer to the latest mailer or contact our staff for more information. 


Alexius Yeo graduated from NUS’s University Scholars Programme and The University of North Carolina, with an Honours degree in Geography.  He has attained the Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014 from The Permaculture Research Institute.

Alexius previously worked with NParks as a Streetscape Manager and with local social enterprise, Edible Gardens, to build urban edible landscapes and champion Singapore’s grow-your-own-food movement.   He has also volunteered with Filipino NGO, Gawad Kalinga, to landscape and build social enterprises for the first farm university in Philippines.

He is currently holding position of Director of Carbon InQ – a local company that focuses on teaching Nature-based experiential learning programmes.  On top of that, he is also the founder of Project 33 – a home-based farming movement that aims to unite the neighbourhood through community farming, cooking and educational activities/workshops.

Course Fees (Inclusive of GST)
FULL FEE $399.35

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