CUGE-SKY-2001 Implementing Green Roof and Vertical Gardens - Why, How, and What

Green roofs and vertical gardens are common features in Singapore and they serve to beautify our surroundings. In addition, they are also capable of providing other functions such as thermal regulation and enhancing biodiversity. A successful green roof or vertical garden requires careful planning, horticulture knowledge and understanding the desired function of the project.

This course aims to provide a practical understanding to installers and designers of green roofs and vertical gardens so that they would be familiar with the installation, upkeep and troubleshooting of these features that goes beyond aesthetics. Participants would visit existing projects and have a feel for the plants and products used during installation.


  • Set up simple green roofs and vertical gardens
  • Troubleshoot for common issues such as drainage and poor plant health
  • Understand the benefits, including biodiversity and thermal regulation
  • Incorporate sustainable practices in their green roof or vertical gardens



Topics to be covered

Day 1, AM

  • Introduction to green roofs and vertical gardens
  • Benefits of greening our cities
  • Basic principles – water proofing, weight and loading, growing media, plant selection, wind loads, and water sensitive

Day 1, PM

  • Presentation on various types of green roofs and case studies – green walls and green roofs
  • Hands-on session – construction materials and methods
  • Post construction maintenance
  • What leads to failure?

Day 2, AM

  • A look at completed green roofs and green walls
  • How to troubleshoot – common problems such as leaks, plant failure and irrigation issues

Day 2, PM

  • Site visit to completed projects (locations to be confirmed)
  • Q&A


  • Classroom lecture
  • Field study
  • Discussion and quiz


  • Horticulturists
  • Landscape architects
  • Green roof and green wall installers and professionals
  • Facilities managers
  • Park managers


Robert Griffith has over 35 years of practical application experience in managing environmental infrastructure projects, which includes green infrastructures such as green roofs and vertical greenery. He has won multiple awards for his work in environmental and infrastructure projects, including the Banksia Award for his work on Green & Golden Bell frog habitat for Sydney Olympics in 2000.

When not involved with his projects, Robert shares his experiences at seminars internationally, he is also a part time lecturer at the Northern Sydney Institute Ryde Campus.


Professional Certification


Certified Practising Horticulturist




Awarded points may differ for different sessions.



Full fee (Inclusive of GST): $85.60


Fees include the provision of training, assessment materials, tools and equipment and refreshment.

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