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Plant Identification

Course Code TGS-2020513277
TSC Code LNS-GNM-1015-1.1
Level 1
Suitable For Entry-level landscape worker 
Course Duration 9 hours, inclusive of 1 hour of assessment
Course Outline
  • Recognise plant parts and their functionalities
  • Recognise plant forms, shapes and structures
  • Recognise common plant species by their common and botanical names
  • Recognise key factors that impact plant health
Course Fee

Singapore Citizens and PRs: $75.00 (nett after 70% SSG Grant, inclusive of GST)
Foreigners: $249.99 (inclusive of GST)

*Terms and conditions apply.
Please refer HERE for information on available funding and eligibility.

Remarks This is one of the recommended courses for Landscape Worker under the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for Landscape.



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