LS-NC-401E-1Plan, Develop And Present Interpretative Activities and Commentaries


The course aims to train and qualify a nature guide a nature guide in developing a nature tour commentary

Who Should Attend

  • Landscape Supervisor
  • Nursery Supervisor
  • Parks, Reserves and Garden Supervisors
  • Parks Officers and Managers
  • Tour Guides
  • Nature Guides
  • Arborists
  • Horticulturists

Competencies Trained and Assessed

  • Select and organise appropriate information to meet the needs of specific visits, operational contexts and timing restrictions.
  • Develop appropriate key conservation message as a basis for a commentary.
  • Construct a nature tour commentary to maximize the potential for visitors' enjoyment and learning.
  • Check and organize all support materials in advance of the tour.
  • Use appropriate presentation techniques to structure a visitor-focused, informative and entertaining experience.
  • Present commentary sequentially according to timing requirement and operational context with appropriate depth and breadth that demonstrates cultural, social and environmental sensitivity.
  • Use language appropriate to visitor/audience.
  • Encourage and engage visitor/audience participation within safety requirements through effective use of presentation techniques.
  • Assess risk and plan contingency for unexpected events.

Training Duration

  • 35 hours
  • 8am to 5pm Daily (Mon-Fri)

Course Fee

Singapore Citizens & PRs $240 (after 70% funding)
Foreigners $799.61
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  • Industry Practitioners
  • Supervisors/Managers from National Parks Board, Singapore