Animal Management Professional Certification Programme - Intermediate Elective Module - Community Animals (Dogs)

Course Code CUGE-PCP-7006E
Pre-requisite To be enrolled for the course and take the exam, applicants must have attended Animal Management PCP (Basic Module)
Suitable For
Animal management companies interested to take up cat management functions and relevant agencies.
Programme Structure
  • Blended programme (live WebEx sessions, physical hands-on session as well as online assessment)
  • Total time commitment: Approximately 8 hours

Note: Virtual classroom invitation link and electronic course materials will be sent to all learners prior to commencement of each lesson.

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Certificate Attainment

To attain a Certificate, participants are required to achieve:

  • 90% attendance
  • 75% passing mark for assessment
Validity and Re-certification The professional certification is valid for a period of 3 years. To re-certify, credential holder is required to undergo a 1-day refresher course and assessment.
Course Fee $107.00 (Inclusive of 7% GST)
*Terms and conditions apply.
All successful registrants will receive a confirmation email.
Remarks The following vaccinations are recommended for learners attending this programme:
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus (Boostrix)


As Singapore moves towards becoming a City in Nature, people and animals are increasingly sharing a common space. Community animals such as stray dogs are a part of our urban ecosystem and a key component of caring is managing their populations humanely.

Programmes such as the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage for stray dogs, along with initiatives such as public education on responsible pet ownership and enforcement against pet abandonment would sustainably reduce the number of stray dogs on our streets.

Apart from educating the public on how to interact with dogs, there is a need to develop a professional, competent and core group of animal management specialists who are often called in to mitigate human-dog conflict. This programme aims to equip animal management specialists with the skills to perform their work while ensuring public and personnel safety, and animal welfare. In particular, this intermediate elective module will focus on humane capture and handling of stray dogs.

Programme Objectives

  • Minimise distress of dogs during trapping operations and safeguard animal welfare;
  • Conduct dog trapping operations competently while ensuring public and personnel safety;
  • Understand the use and impact of different capture techniques and equipment for dog trapping.


Programme facilitators are locally-based industry professionals with knowledge and experience in animal management.


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