Issue 18


Featured Writers: Danielle Chan, Kate Neale, Hwang Yun Hye, Magda Rich and Damian Tang

ISBN: 978-981-14-7453-8

Published: November 2020

Issue #18

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Singapore is on its journey to be transformed into an even greener city, from “City in a Garden” to “City in Nature”. More plant life and nature will be integrated into the urbanized environment to enhance ecological and social resilience. This issue of CITYGREEN discusses the topic of biodiversity conservation, and how it contributes to ecological resilience. In “Rewilding Singapore”, design strategies for rewilding various typologies of Urban Green Spaces are presented. The practice of protecting species and habitats is important for preserving stable ecosystems, especially in the urban context. This is highlighted in various project features, from the Pasir Ris-Tampines Wafer-Fabrication Park to the Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank.

Growing greens is another main theme in this issue. Through discussions by various authors, we look at the “how” and “why” of growing greens in the urban context. In the article “Growing More with Less”, Danielle Chan introduces an innovative method of food production system on a multi-storey carpark in Singapore, using a farming process that is highly sustainable yet simple to operate. Magda Rich elaborates on how farming becomes an instrument for providing care for people with special needs, in her case study of the Onesimus Garden. Kate Neale, in her article “Gardens where Children Grow”, talks about the role of gardening in the education of the young.

In Parks & Landscapes, SaraAnn Ang and Chng Mun Wye beautifully describe the Fort Canning Park with its multi-faceted history, and how the heritage value is communicated through landscape design and programmes. Last but not least, Damian Tang, in the commentary piece, discusses the trends in the local landscape industry, through an examination of the winning projects of the Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards (SLAA) and Landscape Industry Association of Singapore (LIAS) Awards of Excellence.


Growing More with Less: A Food Production Methodology in Land Scarce Singapore

Author: Danielle Chan

Dances with Branches



Educating the Young: New Leaders in Environmental Action

Author: Edible Garden City

Biodiversity Week 2018




Care Farming in Singapore: Case Study of Onesimus Garden

Authors: Magda Rich and Andrew Choo

An Extensive Online



Garden Where Children Grow: Fertile Grounds for Wellbeing

Author: Kate Neale




New Project for Seed Conservation: The Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank

Author: Yann Follain 

The Ethnobotany Garden



Rewilding Singapore: Exploring Landscape Design Strategies that bring Forest Ecology into The Urban Context

Authors: Hwang Yun Hye, Kenya Endo and Shawn Lum

Urban Wild Initiative



Nature Playgardens: Facilitating Connections with Nature

Authors: Kathleen Yap, Amanda Ng and Tok Yin Xin

Understanding and Recommending Green Spaces



Greening Industrial Estates in Singapore: Pasir Ris-Tampines Wafer-Fabrication Park

Authors: Afiq Fairuz and Jason Wright

Care Farming Without Farms



Fort Canning Park: A Glimpse into its Multi-faceted Past

Authors: SaraAnn Ang and Chng Mun Wye

Collaboration in Conservation



Landscaping Trends in Singapore: A Commentary on Award Winning Projects

Author: Damian Tang

Collaboration in Conservation