Issue 19


Featured Writers: Syariffudin Evi, Hwang Yun Hye, Kate Neale, Amy Wagenfeld and Jason Wright

ISBN: 978-981-18-3619-0

Published: March 2022

Issue #19

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in many changes in our lives. We now interact with our physical environment differently—our homes have become offices at some points of time, and parks have become go-to places for exercise and mental restoration.

In this issue of CITYGREEN, we present discussions on the benefits of being connected with nature. Case studies from Singapore discuss the effects of therapeutic horticulture for patients on rehabilitation and young adults with disabilities, as well as the role of Nature Playgardens in promoting children’s imagination and fantasy.

Also featured is the article by Professor Hwang Yun Hye and Syariffudin Evi that presents several ideas that reimagines Singapore’s coastal landscape for sea-level rise adaptation, and winning projects of the IFLA Asia-Pacific region Landscape Architecture Awards under the “Parks and Open Space”, “Communities” and “Skyrise Greenery” categories.

In the commentary section, Dr. Wagenfeld delves deeper into the topic on therapeutic horticulture, to deliberate how Sensory Responsive™ nature-based programming and spaces may promote a concerted community response to meet the developmental needs of Individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Jason Wright, in his article “Designing Cities as Human Habitats” explains the role of green spaces in defining our urban habitats to avoid a paradox of crowded isolation.


Engaging Seniors in Community Building: The Bukit Panjang Resident Gardener Programme

Author: Benny Tong




Wellbeing Outcomes of Therapeutic Horticulture in the Singapore Context: Two Case Studies – Rehabilitation Patients & Young Adults with Disabilities

Authors: Adeline Chang, Davina Koh, Magdelene Ng, Tina Chua, & Bjorn Low





Low-lying Singapore: Reimagining our coastal landscape for sea-level rise adaptation

Authors: Syariffudin Evi & Hwang Yun Hye




Exploring HortPark’s Nature Playgarden: Where Children Grow Wild

Authors: Dr Kate Neale & Ong Ruici




IFLA Asia-Pac Landscape Architecture Awards 2021




Designing Cities as Human Habitats

Author: Jason Wright




Natured-Based Programming for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Community Perspective

Author: Amy Wagenfeld