Nature and Health in Cities

Featured Writers: Zarnaaz Bashir, Kathryn Campbell, Henry Steed, Amy Weinfurter, and Christine Vogt

ISBN: 978-981-09-1033-4

Published: August 2014

Issue #9

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Around the world health, park, and planning experts and leaders have recognized how nature and parks are an underutilized healthcare and community resource. A number of these successful governmental and non-governmental programmes are featured in the latest issue of CITYGREEN.

Themed Nature & Health in Cities. CITYGREEN issue 9 features Parks Victoria’s Healthy Parks Healthy People movement and the US-based National Park Prescriptions Initiative in Reports. Local stories include “Seeking Nature’s Mysterious Ways” that incorporates insights on the implementation of Nature Ways from Cheow Sheng and Samantha (NParks), and an interview with Group CEO of Alexandra Health System Liak Teng Lit who reveals his ambitions to take his vision of hospital gardens as community spaces a step further.



BCA-NParks Green Mark for New and Existing Parks 2008-2014: Benchmarking Singapore’s Parks

Authors: Benjamin Huang and Oi Keng Hunt

BCA-NParks Green Mark for New and Existing Parks 2008 - 2014



Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2013: Honouring the Unsung Heroes of Malaysia’s Development Projects

Authors: Raymond Martin and Charles Teo

Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2013




PLA Awards of Excellence 2013: Learning from Australia’s Parks and Leisure Programmes

Author: Mark Band

PLA Awards of Excellence 2013



The National Park Prescription Initiative: Prescribing Wellness at Parks in the United States

Authors: Zarnaaz Bashir, Kristin Wheeler, David Sabgir, Robert Zarr, Amy Kapp, and Kellie May

The National Park Prescription Initiative



Workplace Safety with Health Guidelines: Working Safety with Green

Authors: Chris Low

Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines



A Community Development Approach: Connecting Geelong with Nature

Authors: Stephen Parker, Ty Caling, Lizzie Strickland, and Danielle Bain

A Community Development Approach



A Global and Local Perspective: Healthy Parks Healthy People

Authors: Ling Han and Kathryn Campbell

A Global and Local Perspective



Using Active Design to Create Healthy Public Spaces: Activating New York City

Authors: Suzanne Nienaber, Reena Agarwal, and Emily Young

Using Active Design to Create Healthy Public Spaces



An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing Healing Landscapes: The Business Case and Funding for Therapeutic Gardens

Authors: Clare Cooper Marcus and Naomi A.Sachs

An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing Healing Landscape



Pergola of Máximapark: Ready for Ecology Colonisation

Author: Adriaan Geuze

Pergola of Maximapark



The Star Vista: The Bold Shape of Landscapes to Come

Author: Henry Steed

The Star Vista




One North Park Phase 1: Evolving a Park for Connectivity

Author: Henry Steed

One North Park Phase 1




Conversation with Liak Teng Lit: A Vision for Community Health Through Gardens

Author: Narelle Yabuka

Conversation with Liak Teng Lit



Environmental and Developmental Goals Coexist in Singapore: Rewriting Old Narratives

Author: Amy Weinfurter

Environmental and Developmental Goals Coexist in Singapore




Enhancing Biodiversity in Singapore with Nature Ways: Seeking Nature’s Mysterious Ways

Author: Chow I-hui

Enhancing Biodiversity in Singapore with Natural Ways




Designing the Urban Physical Environmental for Better Health: New Understandings of Health

Authors: Alan Dilani and Angelia Sia

Designing the Urban Physical Environment for Better Health




Getting Close to Nature: Down to a Lifestyle Choice

Author: Christine Vogt

Getting Close to Nature