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  • Zooming in on Safety with Skateline

    Zooming in on Safety with Skateline

    In a particularly quiet corner of Bishan Park, you can often observe groups of adults on inline skates, taking small, deliberate movements within an enclosed rink. Some seem to be trying hard not to flail their outstretched arms while keeping their balance. Others appear to be in deep concentration, controlling their less-than-steady gait. This controlled environment, a stark contrast to the sight of other inline skaters whizzing freely through the park, is where beginner inline skaters receive their first lesson on wheels.

  • Mid-Autumn Magic At Bishan Park

    Mid-Autumn Magic At Bishan Park

    Ask your friends about the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the responses may vary. Many will grasp at childhood memories of a legend where a young Chinese maiden escaped to the moon. Or was it about the Chinese inciting a rebellion against the Yuan Dynasty by placing messages inside mooncakes? Still, what everyone does get right is the meaning of the festival today. There is lantern-carrying, mooncake-eating, and merry-making. For just one night, we take a break from our hectic lives, and take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the full moon.

  • The Anti-Littering Movement Goes Online

    The Anti-Littering Movement Goes Online

    Just what do guerillas, a gorilla, and a genie all have in common? Apart from beginning with the letter ā€œgā€, these were the subjects featured in the top three winning entries in the "Love Green: Just Bin It!" video competition.