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  • Butterfly Breeding At Home!

    Butterfly Breeding At Home!

    Butterflies can be seen in parks and gardens, where there are plants which provide them with food. But did you know that you can also experience the process of metamorphosis in your own home?

  • A City In A (Butterfly) Garden

    A City In A (Butterfly) Garden

    Butterflies share an intimate relationship with plants, and Singapore – the Garden City – is home to 295 species of butterflies. As we journey toward becoming a City in a Garden, the close relationship between our city and its green spaces provides great opportunities for us to cultivate butterfly habitats, especially within our living environments.

  • How To Mulch Your Trees & Shrubs

    How To Mulch Your Trees & Shrubs

    When out and about in our parks and gardens, you may have noticed a ring of black organic material around the bases of trees and shrubs. Though it may not look as interesting as the plant it surrounds, this ring of mulch is actually very beneficial to plants.

  • A Fragrant Garden Of Herbal Remedies

    A Fragrant Garden Of Herbal Remedies

    At Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) community garden, the plant selection is highly unique. This garden specialises in herbs – its name in Chinese, 方草园, loosely translates as ‘herb garden’. Planted on a steep slope, the fragrant, fresh smells from this herb garden beckon to all who visit or pass by. It has been a labour of love since the beginning.