Experience a night in the park!

Since the City in the Garden (CIAG) public consultation began in August 2011, NParks has received more than 2,000 ideas from the public on how to make Singapore a City in a Garden. Many of the ideas and suggestions were very good, and increasing night-time usage of parks was one of these suggestions. NParks has embarked on a few pilot projects to enhance your night experiences in our parks and gardens by using ambient lighting. This will be sensitively added so that it will not affect the charm of visiting the parks at night. In the Singapore Botanic Gardens, we are enhancing the lighting in two areas: the first connects the Casa Verde cafe with the Palm Valley to create a lighted-up hub of night activities; the second, the new Foliage Garden in the Bukit Timah Core, will greet night visitors from the MRT station.


Artist impressions of how the Foliage Garden in the Singapore

We are also considering feature lighting that can double up as whimsical play equipment in the large playground area in West Coast Park. Public engagement for the CIAG framework is ongoing. Visit www.nparks.gov.sg/ciag to share your ideas. You can also take a look at some of the other contributions.
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