Photo credit: JWH Yong

The native Chengam (Scyphiphora hydrophylacea) is an attractive coastal plant that can be recognised by its light green drop-shaped leaves and clusters of pretty pale pink flowers. It attracts biodiversity such as birds which pollinate its flowers, while also serving as a food plant for the caterpillar of the Common Tit (Hypolycaena nylus). The adult Common Tit also lays its eggs on the leaves, stem, or young shoots of the plant.

The Chengam produces small oval fruits in clusters that ripen from green to yellow to shiny brown when mature. Each fruit contains two parts with two seeds each, by which they can be propagated.

Due to its preference for well-drained, fertile and loamy soils near water bodies, this is a suitable plant for coastal areas, parks, and the edges of ponds.

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