WSQ Courses for Managers (Level 4)

The Manager in the landscape industry oversees daily operations and leads the execution of landscape development and enhancement. He/she is responsible for the scoping, planning, initiating and execution of projects and may manage multiple projects concurrently. He/she may also be involved in business development activities. The Manager is required to manage within resource constraints. He/she should be an effective communicator and be comfortable in problem solving and resolving conflicts. He/she should also be proficient in collaboration and stakeholder management, given the number of stakeholders he/she must engage with on a regular basis.



Entry Requirements:
  1. Minimally GCE N Level (English and Mathematics) or WPLN Level 7, and
  2. (a) At least 2 years of experience in landscape supervision, or
    (b) Attained a preceding WSQ full qualification in Landscape or other landscape-related qualifications

To apply for the WSQ Diploma in Landscape programme, complete the pre-enrolment form HERE. The course manager will contact you to inform of your eligibility into the programme.

LNS-BIN-4021-1.1 Project Management (Level 4)
LNS-FIN-4001-1.1 Budgeting (Level 4)
LNS-GNM-4009-1.1 Environment Management in Landscape Operations (Level 4)
LNS-GNM-4011-1.1 Horticultural Chemical Usage (Level 4)
LNS-GNM-4012-1.1 Horticultural Maintenance Programme (Level 4)
LNS-GNM-4014-1.1 Plant Health Management and Disease Control (Level 4)
LNS-WSH-4087-1.1 Hazards and Risk Control, and Policy Management (Level 4)