Nursery Accreditation Scheme

The NAS was launched in 2012 in order to tackle various challenges faced by the nursery industry in Singapore. The scheme provides a measure of the operating standards of individual nurseries. It aims to align nurseries' operations standards with NParks standards, and in the long run, to develop and maintain productive nurseries.

Main goals of NAS

  1. Encourage an increased focus on improving productivity in nursery operations.
  2. Encourage the shift from traditional work practices to more modern and innovative practices.
  3. To set quality standards across the industry as a tool to meet industry goals.
  4. To increase the operating standards of nurseries in order to improve the reputation of local nurseries.
  5. To encourage nurseries to achieve productivity targets of:
    1. $30,000 Value-added per worker, per year.
    2. $500,000 Revenue per hectare, per year.

The NAS provides useful feedback and suggestions to nurseries. This aids nursery owners in understanding how to make their business more productive and sustainable in the long run. In addition, it also recognises and further encourages current productive methods that are being utilised in nursery operations.

Benefits for being NAS-accredited

  1. The increase in reliability of your nursery amongst consumers by demonstrating compliance to NParks standards.
  2. Establish sustainability and productivity through improved work practices in key areas identified for improvement by NAS.
  3. NAS is tied up with LEAF scheme1: LEAF applicants are encouraged to purchase plants from accredited nurseries to qualify for LEAF certification.
  4. The NAS is a prerequisite in order to bid for land parcels put up for tender by NParks.
    [Nursery must be on the Nursery Accreditation Scheme (NAS)].

NAS (Provisional) 

For new entrants that are not currently not operating a nursery but intend to do so can apply for NAS (Provisional).

For more information and to download forms, please click here.


1LEAF Scheme (Link)