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Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF)


About LEAF

The Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework, or LEAF for short, is a certification scheme to celebrate good landscape design, construction and management of parks and development projects. With LEAF, NParks aims to encourage ecologically, climatically and socially resilient parks and developments in Singapore's urban landscape

LEAF is the first scheme in Singapore that is solely dedicated to recognising the provision and management of greenery in developments and parks. LEAF is developed with consideration of the current best practices in landscape design and management.

This certification recognises excellence in efforts of developers, landscape architects, architects, contractors and maintenance agents in creating high quality urban landscapes, contributing to Singapore’s journey to be a City in Nature.

LEAF certification also helps inform the public of the quality of landscapes of the certified development. The LEAF logo can be used for marketing purposes for each certified development, project owners and team members.


Projects are assessed on the following aspects:

  • Accessibility
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Community Wellbeing & Engagement
  • Design & Landscaping
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Maintenance

The assessment criteria will differ depending on:

  1. Type:
    • Developments (residential, commercial, healthcare, etc.)
    • Parks (nature parks, neighbourhood parks, etc.)
  2. Status of completion:
    • New: Project is nearing completion or has received Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) / Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) for less than 2 years.
    • Existing: Project is completed and has received CSC for 2 years or more.

The submissions are evaluated by a team of LEAF assessors as well as the LEAF Evaluation Panel to determine the project's certification. Projects certified from year 2020 onwards are awarded "Platinum", "Gold", "Silver" or "Certified" based on the assessment outcomes.


Interested applicants may email for more information on the submission. The certification cycle is biennial (once every 2 years) and the next round of applications will open in early 2025.

  1. Submit the application form, the following documents and other relevant documents to support the assessment:
  2. Applicants will present to a team of assessors via an online presentation session. A physical site walk at the development with the assessors will also be arranged.
  3. Applicants can expect to be notified of the outcome via email.

About LEAF

1. What is different in the newly revised LEAF scheme?

The revised LEAF scheme has been launched in 2020. The revised scheme takes into consideration the assessment of aspects such as ecological and biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability, and community well-being and engagement. The revised criteria are in line with the vision of making Singapore a City in Nature. The revised LEAF scheme also features a new category for assessment of Parks.

2. What is the difference between LEAF for Parks and BCA Green Mark for Parks?

The Green Mark for Parks scheme was jointly administered by BCA and NParks in 2008 to assess the environmental sustainability of parks in Singapore. The Green Mark for Parks scheme will be superseded by NParks’ LEAF for Parks scheme which assesses the ecological, climatic and social resilience of a Park.

3. What are the benefits of applying for LEAF?

The LEAF scheme recognises excellence of the project and the team of professionals – including developers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, contractors and maintenance agents, involved in creating and sustaining high quality urban landscapes. A plaque will be presented to the developer/owner, while certificates will be issued to each team/company involved in the project. The LEAF certification helps to inform the industry and members of public about the quality and sustainability of greenery and landscaping in the developments. Team members of the certified developments may use the LEAF logo for publicity and marketing purposes. 

Application Process

1. How do I apply for LEAF certification? Is there a closing date and are there any fees?

Applicants are to submit the application form and relevant documents before the closing date. The LEAF secretariat will contact successful applicants to arrange for assessment. Currently, no fees are required to acquire the certification.

2. What is the list of documents to be submitted for assessment?

The applicant is required to submit a set of documents to facilitate the assessment, which will be verified by the LEAF Secretariat. The documents include:

For New Projects

  • Completed self-evaluation form
  • Layout Plans of Development
  • Softscape Plan
  • Topographical plan of site
  • Copy of Development Control (DC) approval and other relevant planning approvals
  • Maintenance and Operations Plans

For Existing Projects

  • Completed self-evaluation form
  • Layout Plans of Development
  • Softscape Plan
  • Maintenance and Operations Plans
  • Inspection Reports

3. What is the procedure after the submission of the application form?

The Secretariat will contact the person-in-charge for further clarifications or request for any additional documents to support the assessment. An online presentation session with the assessors will then be arranged, where the applicants can explain further about the project. The Secretariat will also arrange for a physical site walk with the assessors. 

4. What do the applicants have to present in the project presentation?

The presentation shall use the format in the presentation deck template, covering the following aspects of the project with supporting visuals or evidences, :

  • Overall concept or theme
  • Strengths of the development
  • Self-evaluated scoring

5. We are interested in applying for LEAF, but unsure if we qualify. Can we apply?

The LEAF Secretariat welcomes all interested parties to apply for LEAF. The LEAF Assessment Form is available on the website and can be used for self-evaluated scoring.  A pre-assessment meeting can also be arranged to discuss whether the project is ready or suitable for assessment.

6. How many assessors are assigned to the projects?

Depending on the scale of the project, 3 to 5 assessors are assigned for each project.

7. Are there different levels of award for the LEAF?

There are four different award levels – Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The 'Certified' award is issued to eligible projects that meet the minimum criteria. 'Platinum' is awarded to projects with distinguished greenery provision and biodiversity enhancements that are above and beyond the norm.

8. How long is the process and how will the applicant be informed of the assessment outcome?

Projects will be processed within 6 months from the closing date. Applicants will be informed of the outcome via email.

9. The assessment outcome is unsuccessful. Can the applicant appeal?

Yes, unsuccessful applicants can appeal for a review. The request must be lodged with LEAF Secretariat within 14 calendar days from the letter sent.

Renewal of Certification

1. When should we apply for re-certification?

Certified developments should apply for re-certification on the last year of validity of the certification. i.e. Third year for developments certified before 2019, and fifth year for developments certified after 2019. The LEAF Secretariat will inform certified developments to re-apply within 6 months of the expiry date.

E.g. Certified developments in 2013 should apply for re-certification in 2016. The new certification will last until 2019.

2. Where can the validity period of certified developments be found?

The list of certified developments and the corresponding validity periods are available HERE.

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