Issue 17


Featured Writers: Magda Rich, Berry Mulligan, Hwang Yun Hye, Yann Follain, and Ervine Lin

ISBN: 978-981-14-1645-3

Published: June 2019

Issue #17

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Technology has undeniably changed our life – it’s found everywhere and affects us in both positive and negative ways.

In this issue of CITYGREEN, we present discussions on the incorporation of Technology into the care for nature and people. Dr. Ervine Lin and team describe their research on a micro-drone which is able to reach trees at close proximity and contribute in monitoring their health. Kwan Hui, Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, on the other hand, shares how urban planners could gain insights on the use of green spaces in cities through social media analytics and artificial intelligence. Each issue of CITYGREEN reports current and interesting topics on urban greening and greenery. In the REPORTS section, we document three important local events in 2018 – the Biodiversity Week, the launch of the Ethnobotany Garden and a special write-up by Yann Follain on the ArchiFest.

In addition, we explore the concepts of Care Farming and Urban Wilding Initiatives for cities. The latter is the first article in its series led by Yun Hye, Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore. Last but not least, in the commentary, Pei Rong and Berry Mulligan, recent graduates in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge, share their views on how cities can manage challenging problems through multi-disciplinary collaborations.


Dances with Branches: Developing a Micro-drone for Close Proximity Tree Inspections

Authors: Ervine Lin, Chee How Tan, Jake Goh, Wei Jun Ang, Gim Song Soh, Shaohui Foong and Mervin Hoon

Dances with Branches



Biodiversity Week 2018: Celebrating 25 Years of Active Citizenry

Authors: Joy Wong, Pei Shuan Goh, and Linda Goh

Biodiversity Week 2018




An Extensive Online Tree Map in Asia:

Author: Duncan Leong

An Extensive Online



ARCHIFEST: Design for Life

Author: Yann Follain




The Ethnobotany Garden: A Tapestry of Past and Present

Author: Lai Simin

The Ethnobotany Garden



Urban Wild Initiative: Rewilding Urban Green Spaces to Enhance Biodiversity

Authors: Hwang Yun Hye, Zi En Jonathan Yue, and Mayura Anil Patil

Urban Wild Initiative



Understanding and Recommending Green Spaces: Tapping the Power of Social Media Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Author: Kwan Hui Lim

Understanding and Recommending Green Spaces



Care Farming Without Farms: The Potential for Therapeutic Farms in Singapore

Authors:Magda Rich and Jan Hassink

Care Farming Without Farms



Collaboration in Conservation: Multidisciplinary Solutions to Wicked Problems

Authors:Pei Rong Cheo and Berry Mulligan

Collaboration in Conservation