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  • Creatures of the Wetlands

    Creatures of the Wetlands

    Wetlands have an important role in our ecosystem, providing food and shelter to many animals. The next time you are exploring the wetlands, keep an eye out for these seven creatures that call this unique habitat home.

  • Crocodile vs Monitor Lizard

    Crocodile vs Monitor Lizard

    You will be surprised by how many people confuse a crocodile with a monitor lizard! We investigate these two animals’ body shapes, teeth, tongues and habitat for you to better understand their differences.

  • Getting to Know the Binjai

    Getting to Know the Binjai

    Mature trees form part of the natural heritage of Singapore, helping us identify with, and stay rooted to, the place we call home. Here, we highlight one such gentle green ‘giant’ and why it is special to the writer.

  • Turning 125: The Vanda Miss Joaquim

    Turning 125: The Vanda Miss Joaquim

    Singapore’s National Flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim (Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim), turns 125 in 2018! To celebrate this occasion, here are 10 interesting trivia about this beautiful orchid hybrid.