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Enhancement Plans


There will be trail enhancement works throughout the 24km Rail Corridor. They will be progressively completed to ensure seamless connection by 2021.

Please note that while the Rail Corridor is opened 24/7, there are no lighting along the Rail Corridor, except at major intersections, to facilitate movement of our nocturnal wildlife. 




A series of enhancement works along Rail Corridor (Central), spanning about 4 km between Upp Bt Timah truss bridge and Bt Timah truss bridge, was completed in 2021. The enhancement works include improvements to user accessibility, sensitive refurbishment of heritage truss bridges, and restoration of a belt of native forest to enhance the biodiversity and greenery of the Rail Corridor.



Plans to enhance the Bukit Timah Railway Station and its surroundings as a community node include restoring and repurposing the conserved Railway Station as a heritage gallery, planting species that were commonly found in a 1960s kampong, and providing amenities such as toilets and bicycle racks. The enhancement works to the Bukit Timah Railway Station will be complete by mid-2022.



To view the map of the access points of Rail Corridor (Central), please click here.


Closed Stretches of the Rail Corridor

Due to enhancement works along the Rail Corridor, certain stretches have been closed. Diverted routes are available for you to walk along. You may wish to refer to the maps below to guide your journey on the Rail Corridor.