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Celebrating Biodiversity and Heritage of our Rail Corridor (Central)

If you plan to visit the Rail Corridor, please check the visitorship levels using our safe distancing portal ( and avoid high visitorship periods.  Keep to a group of not more than 2 persons and always wear a mask, except when you’re engaged in strenuous exercises. For the latest advisories and updates on our parks and gardens, please visit
If you're cycling at the Rail Corridor, be sure to ride safely, slow down and give way to pedestrians, and dismount and push your bikes when approaching narrow stretches. Other users can also play your part, for example by being attentive to your surroundings and giving way to faster-moving users.
Due to enhancement works along the Rail Corridor, certain stretches have been closed. Diverted routes are available for you to walk along. Please visit this page for the latest updates and maps to guide your journey on the Rail Corridor.

Let's be socially responsible and let everyone enjoy our green spaces!

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