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Celebrating Biodiversity and Heritage of our Rail Corridor (Central)

From past to present

Coming Together to Shape Our Rail Corridor

Through the earlier public engagement, we received many ideas on how to shape our Rail Corridor and a Concept Master Plan was developed to bring together these ideas. We will now be embarking on the next phase of this journey to activate our Rail Corridor through involvement and community stewardship.


Rail Corridor (Central) - where the journey begins

Rail Corridor takes visitors on a journey through a variety of landscapes, communities and unique experiences. Enhancements will begin with Rail Corridor (Central), which is known for its lush natural landscapes and elements of rich heritage.

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Rail Corridor (Central)

Our Rail Corridor (Central) is a highly accessible stretch, anchored at each end by the Hillview and King Albert park Downtown Line MRT stations. It will be enhanced along three themes: Heritage & Culture, Biodiversity & Greenery, and Recreation, to create meaningful experiences for everyone.

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Heritage & Culture

Strategies have been identified to ensure that the rich heritage of Rail Corridor (Central) is conserved for future generations.


Biodiversity & Greenery

With Rail Corridor (Central)’s proximity to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, its landscape will be carefully planted with flora to complement the existing vegetation.


These are some of the landscapes you can explore:


Existing Flora and Fauna

Our Rail Corridor (Central) is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The habitats along it will be enhanced to create a conducive environment for wildlife to thrive and to strengthen the ecological connection with the adjacent green spaces.


Recreational and Community Space

Bukit Timah Railway Station Community Node

The Bukit Timah Railway Station will be revitalised into a distinctive community node that highlights its heritage and will include various spaces for the community to enjoy.







These are some of the activities that you can use our Rail Corridor for:

Rail Corridor (Central) is a shared space for everyone and will be a hub for a range of different activities.











Friends of Rail Corridor

We need your help to make our Rail Corridor a more vibrant place for everyone!

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Be Our Friend

Coast-to-Coast Trail

Rail Corridor (Central) is where our Rail Corridor and Coast-to-Coast Trail meet.

The 36-km Coast-to-Coast Trail traverses Singapore from west to northeast. It connects park connectors and park trails, and will bring visitors through a variety of parks, park connectors, nature areas, places of interest and urban spaces.

Rail Corridor (Central), together with part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail, complete the Nature Park Network.

The Nature Park Network will comprise 48km of trails and will link our central nature parks such as Bukit Batok, Chestnut, Dairy Farm, Windsor as well as the future Rifle Range and Thomson Nature Parks.

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