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Visiting the Rail Corridor

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About the Rail Corridor

The 24km long Rail Corridor is a continuous green passage that allows wildlife movement between major green spaces. It also serves as a recreational corridor for all members of the public.

For an enjoyable experience along the Rail Corridor:

·        Keep left at all times and keep noise level down

·       If you are cycling along the Rail Corridor, please note the 10km/h speed limit. Be sure to ride safely, slow down and give way to pedestrians, ring your bell when overtaking, and dismount and push your bicycles when crossing our bridges.

·        Be attentive to your surroundings and give way to others

·        Observe our flora and fauna from a distance. 


Organised group activities (including learning journey and hiking)

·        For organised group activities to our nature reserves and nature parks, an application is needed For more information, please click here.


As it is an important ecological corridor, the Rail Corridor is not lit at night to facilitate nocturnal wildlife movement. Lighting is only provided at certain access points, essential walking paths and benches leading to the public restrooms and Bukit Timah Railway Station building and Railway Staff Quarters.  For safety, we encourage visitors to exit the Rail Corridor by nightfall, and to take extra care if you are still within Rail Corridor when it gets dark.
There are many access points into the Rail Corridor. Please refer to the map below to guide your journey into the Rail Corridor.


Visiting the Bukit Timah Railway Station? Click here for more information.

rail corridor



rail corridor