Trees for Schools

Find out how you can enhance the greenery in your school compound! #OneMillionTreesSG

The Trees for Schools scheme supports you in greening your school campus and involving your school community in the OneMillionTrees movement. Under this scheme, NParks will provide trees to supplement the tree-planting efforts within your school compound on a one-for-one matching basis.

Through this, we hope to engage students and the wider school community to become active stewards of greenery and biodiversity. The trees planted by your school will be counted towards the OneMillionTrees movement.

If your school is interested in participating, please fill up this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.



  1. How many trees is my school eligible to receive each year?

    Each school is eligible to receive 25 trees on a one-for-one matching basis (i.e. NParks will provide 5 complimentary trees if your school purchases 5 trees from an external source).

  2. What is required from my school if we participate in the Trees for Schools scheme?

    Besides purchasing half of the total trees to be planted, your school will have to arrange for the collection and transportation of trees from NParks’ nurseries. Involve your school community in planting these trees within your school compound and share about the OneMillionTrees movement. After the tree-planting event, all you have to do is to help us fill up a form with the details and photographs of your tree-planting and outreach efforts.

  3. What tree species will be available for selection? How long does it take for the trees to be ready for collection?

    The tree species available will depend on our nursery stock at the point of enquiry. We will need minimally four weeks to confirm the request.

  4. How else can my school participate in the OneMillionTrees movement?

    Besides participating in Trees for Schools, you can also involve your students in the OneMillionTrees movement by participating in programmes under the Community in Nature (CIN) initiative, such as Green Wave and Greening Schools for Biodiversity. For more information on these programmes, please write to

    Interested schools can also set up a nursery within their school compound, to propagate and nurture seeds and cuttings until they are of a suitable size to be planted. For more information on this scheme, please write to