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Resilience in Cities

Resilience in Cities

Featured Writers: Mike Barthelmeh, Peter Newman, Genevieve Ow, Kathleen Wolf and Carly Wood

ISBN: 978-981-09-3477-4 

Published: January 2015

Issue #10

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In its search for 100 resilient cities, the Rockefeller Foundation has defined resilience as “the capacity of individuals, communities, and systems to survive, adapt, and grow in the face of stress and shocks, and even transform when conditions require it”. Singapore is among the 35 cities recently selected to join the 32 selected last year for its 100 Resilient Cities network. This issue of CITYGREEN continues to champion sustainability as well as its larger goal of resilience.


Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework Certified Developments 2014: Living, Learning, and Working Among Gardens

Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework Certified Development 2014



The U.S. National Nature Sacred Awards: Open Spaces, Sacred Places

Authors: Kathleen Wolf and Mary Wyatt

The U.S. National Nature Sacred Awards




Singapore’s 3rd Green Building Master Plan: Moving Forward with Green

Author: Tan Tian Chong



Trends for Adults Versus Youth: Green Exercise for Health and Well-Being

Author: Carly Wood



The Marriage of Built and Green Environments: Feasibility of Container Tree Planting in Urban Streets

Author: Genevieve Ow



The Role of Green Infrastructure in the Sustainable City: A Vision for Singapore

Authors: Mike Barthelmeh and Wendy McWilliam



Tourists’ Perceptions of Parks and Gardens in Singapore: Parks and Tourism

Author: Michael Chiam

Tourists' Perception of Parks and Gardens in Singapore



Photo-essay: The Geometry of Nature

Images by Ministry of National Development

The Geometry of Nature



Tree House Condominium: Home with a Green Heart

Authors: Ann Teo and Stephanie Gautama

Tree House Condomimium



Shanghai 2010 Expo Houtan Park: Landscape as a Living System

Author: Kongjian Yu



Pasir Ris Sports Centre: Sports for Everybody

Authors: Jane Kung and Linda Pang

Pasir Ris Sports Centre




Talking Green with Veera Sekaran: Standing by Green

Author: Chris Low

Talking Green with Veera Sekaran




Building a Future from Ground Up with Tay Lai Hock: Back to Kampung

Author: Christine Liew

Building a Future from Ground Up with Tay Lai Hock



Green Urbanism and its Application to Singapore: A Tale of Seven Green Cities

Author: Peter Newman

Green Urbanism and its Application to Singapore